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Welcome to Heart, Home and Hope!

Here I write about the things I love (Heart)

About life for my family and me (Home)

And about Jesus – the Anchor of my soul (Hope)

Random Ramblings:
Mama, don’t fret if your mornings don’t always look the way you want them to. Don’t worry when those babies wake up earlier than expected. Don’t feel like your quiet time with the Lord has to be perfectly serene.
Isn’t our Heavenly Father greater than all of these things? Isn’t He sovereign over every distraction? Come to Him like a child – often and without pretense.
Invite the challenges of the day – they may be used to shape your character more than you realize. Welcome your children into your Jesus time – they may challenge you in your own relationship with Him.
Move forward in grace and flexibility so that you can see things with a godly perspective. Because in the end, it’s the day-to-day and mundane that make us faithful in the small things.

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