Pick-Me-Ups – Let’s Get Real About This Thing Called “Life.”

Perhaps, this is the strangest “first-post” for any blog…but I like the heart of it. And the reason I like the heart of it is because it’s going to be raw and honest and real. This is what I want this place to be about… real life. None of us need another example of how “perfect” another woman’s life is. Trust me, girl, I’ve been on your side of a blog – comparing my life to another sister’s portrayal of her life; and oh do I come up so short!

Real life as told by a mom

So, here it is:

Little B has been sick since Thursday.

She caught it from me. (Grrr…)

I have been very frustrated by people recently.

I have caved in to sheer laziness for several days now.

I haven’t shaved my legs too long. (TMI?!?)

Today I was in a lousy mood for no reason at all.

…and so on and so forth…


I did get a free donut today.

And I bought myself a chai tea latte.

And I made a new friend.

And God is still on His throne.

And He is always good.


So all that to say, life ebbs and flows… but my attitude and choices in life don’t have to. I’m choosing, by God’s grace, to push through and trust Him for the redemption of my attitudes and short-comings. After all, isn’t He in the business of that? When I come before Him, in humility, and ask for forgiveness for my faults, He responds and He forgives. And He can change me. He is the Potter. I want to be clay that is pliable and willing in His hands. To paraphrase an amazing quote I heard in a worship set this morning:

When I am weak, I want to let Him be strong. When I am tired, I want Him to find a “yes” in me.*

Yes, Lord, I pray that you find that willingness in our spirits.


This is the worship set I mentioned. Enjoy!

Cold Brew Coffee Recipe Card

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5 thoughts on “Pick-Me-Ups – Let’s Get Real About This Thing Called “Life.”

  1. If only I could join you for the free donut and coffee and time with the B and time with YOU and time spent talking about Jesus. I miss you!!!


  2. Wow Sweets-I was really blessed. Keep going with this. May Jesus be gloried as our Savior, Redeemer, and only Hope! Love you


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