An Afternoon At Anthropologie

Hello lovelies!

One of my favorite places to visit is across the bay in a fun little outdoor shopping village. It’s full of quaint and classy stores and shops, cafés and bistros. While the Florida summer can be harsh, darting in and out of these fun places can make the endeavor worth it! Of course, it is NO JOKE to shop with littles. I’ve found that baby-wearing can make the task a bit easier (when IF they cooperate!)

Baby wearing and shopping at Anthropologie

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(Before I continue, I have to comment on this photo of the B and me. I love it so much! It is a fun shot… but the truth is that in this moment, I discovered just how dangerous going down stairs while wearing a baby in the front of me is! To make it worse, I was wearing an adorable pair of heeled sandals which was certainly NOT SAFE, since I couldn’t see where I was going! I always seem to find these sorts of strange adventures!)

And now back to this post…

I must tell you… my favorite store is located in this shopping area – Anthropologie! I just love to browse and take in all of the charming things they have on display! Of course, my pocketbook generally limits me to window-shopping; however on this particular afternoon, I was fortunate enough to discover an additional sale of 30% off of clearance! How could I resist the hunt for a deal in my favorite store?

Baby wearing selfie while clothes shopping

Anthro never ceases to amaze me! First of all, their style is classy and, quite often, timeless. And if one is patient, wonderful deals can be found! On this trip, I was able to obtain a black key-hole tank-top and a knit tunic/dress and both were about $14 on sale! (Of course, I also had to pass up many other gorgeous items that cost more!) In addition to this, I was able to find a ceramic rolling pin – a kitchen staple that I have needed for quite some time now – and it was only $7! Lastly, I scored a few other items that I plan to use as gifts for my sister-in-law and my mom in the near future.

I love it when my outings are successful! Not only did I find several charming treasures, but the B and I were able to escape the confines of home for a few hours! This is always a plus for a SAHM. To top off the afternoon, we also stopped by the loveliest coffee shop for a delicious and refreshing iced vanilla latte – my signature summer drink in FL! You really MUST try it on a hot and humid afternoon – it is so refreshing! Thankfully, the barista that afternoon was generous and helpful, seeing as my hands were quite full with a babe, diaper bag, and my Anthro goodies! In the end, the B and I managed to make it back to the car. All in all, it was a lovely summer day with even lovelier company!

What is your go-to summer activity?


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