A Mama’s Lesson In Diligence – Setting An Example For My Little One

Sometimes being home with a babe makes me think… a lot. And sometimes that’s really good! (Other times, not so much. You can read one of those musings here.) Anyways, one thing that I’ve been turning over in my mind is my job as a mom and all that it entails…

Diligence teaches children important life lessons

Yes, obviously it involves things like feeding and providing for Little B, and even keeping her safe, but beyond that, I began to mentally compare my modern life to the lives of mothers from centuries past.

Back then, women stayed at home because running a home was a full time job. Once a meal was eaten, it was time for the women to begin cooking another one. Additionally, one day of each week was fully devoted to laundry – because it would literally take a whole day to do it!

Our lives are no longer like this (Thank You, God!) with our blessings of modern conveniences. I can do two to three loads of laundry from start to finish in the course of the day while still shopping for a week’s worth of groceries, meeting a friend for coffee, taking care of Little B, and having dinner ready for Hubby at 7. Quite a different sort of a life, isn’t it?

While contrasting these two lifestyles, I felt like the Lord showed me that if I routinely and carelessly waste the spare time that these modern conveniences provide me with, I am, quite simply, lazy. How easy it is to squander away an entire day! I know this all too well from personal experience!

I don’t want to aim for getting away with the bare minimum of responsibilities in my life.

I do not want my children to see me live my life idly – regularly wasting time on the internet, constantly checking social media on my phone, passing large quantities of time watching television, etc… always playing and never working.

Instead, I want my children to learn diligence and work ethic by watching me live my life. I want them to see me diligently and cheerfully watching over the ways of my household and finding productive tasks to complete.

“She watches over the ways of her household, and does not eat the bread of idleness. Her children rise up and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her.” (Proverbs 31:27-28)

Of course, there is also a time and place for play and entertainment. And, oh, what a blessing that time is! But, as in all things, balance is the goal. And thankfully, our Father in heaven shows me how to find this balance as I seek Him for it. After all, He is a good Father, and He wants to cultivate these good fruits in my life, just as I want to do so in Little B’s and my bun-in-the-oven’s lives too!

So, yes, Father! Would You do this work in my children and in me?

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