Tacos And Antiques – And Other Downtown Adventures

Happy Hump Day! How was your long, holiday weekend? We had a lovely time full of family members and fun adventures! Our town is known for its quirky and unique hubs and can be such fun! Read on to hear about our weekend exploring!

Downtown exploring during a holiday weekend

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This particular Saturday, we chose to visit a special antique market that only opens its doors on the first weekend of the month. The rest of the month is spent collecting pieces for the next market.

En route to this destination, we stopped for lunch at our local Taco Bus – a fun, outdoor experience. This eatery is unique because it is essentially a permanently fixed food truck… accompanied by an outdoor and indoor dining area. Although it is perhaps not as much fun to eat indoors, it’s absolutely essential during the Florida summer!

Our crew ordered a a variety of yummy meals, and I couldn’t help but ask for my favorite – a burrito with carnitas and all the veggies! And yes, I feasted! I shouldn’t have finished the whole thing…but I did. I just couldn’t let that amazing food go to waste! Of course, the best part of the meal was the laughter and stories and companionship that went along with it. May I never take these relationships for granted!

From there, we walked a few blocks to the antique market. While it is doubtful to score a “steal-deal” there, they seemed to have many fine pieces at reasonable prices. Of course, I am not antique expert and perhaps someone who is would quickly contradict my above statement, but for now, I’ll stand by it!

As expected, there were many people already there, with more anticipated the next day. We took our time exploring the many different areas and rooms. There were so many fun items! I had decided ahead of time to simply window-shop, as our budget needs to be a bit tighter at the moment, and I’m glad I purposed that ahead of time since there were several unique pieces that tempted my resolve! Instead, I poked around while bobbing and bouncing Little B in my Ergo carrier and weaving in and out of the clusters of people. I also photographed just a couple of the fun things I saw. Check them out below! I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I enjoyed the whole day!

What did you do to celebrate the holiday weekend?


American flag and chandelierAntique knick-knacksAntique chandeliertacos antiques downtown adventure summer July holiday burrito baby wearing Ergo carrier

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