Little B’s First Birthday – A Floral Celebration

I’ve been dying to share this post with you! About a week ago, we celebrated our Little B’s first birthday! I cannot believe that we have known this sweet thing for a whole year! And now she is considered a toddler? Oh, be still my heart!! ♥

Enjoy these photos from her party!

1st birthday party for a girl

Isn’t this picture just darling? This is the birthday lady’s special outfit! Unfortunately, an outdoor July party can be quite warm, so I snapped this at home where she was comfortable wearing it. During the party we opted for comfort over fashion!

baby toddler first birthday bee party cake smash celebrate girl floral bee flower

The party itself turned out lovely! I could not have pulled it off without the many sets of hands that volunteered to help! I decided to hold the event in a park shelter near the ocean. The sea breeze helped to cool down the warm July air and make it pleasant enough to enjoy the day. Hubby and I have many family and friends that wanted to celebrate with us, so we were thankful to find this shelter to accommodated our large group! The park provided the picnic tables and benches, had nearby restrooms, and even had a nearby playground for the older kids.

The meal was a challenge that my mom and I took on together. I decided to set up a DIY taco bar; so we created a spread of flour tortillas, seasoned ground beef, mojo pulled pork with pinto beans, black beans and rice, and a variety of toppings to complete a perfect taco. (You can check out a similar mojo recipe here!) We also provided chips and salsa, and my mother-in-law and sister-in-law brought a yummy seven-layer dip and watermelon. To round out the meal, there was a virgin sangria (which turned out amazing!) and it perfectly complimented the entire meal!

Isn’t dessert the most important part of a birthday party? ♥ In the weeks prior to the event, I began making countless mini cupcakes! I was quite the pro by the time I was finished! To compliment our bumble bee and flower theme, I decorated the cupcakes with honeycombs and pastel sprinkles. I also designed her smash cake to resemble a bee hive. I was quite pleased with the results! Don’t the sugar bees make it the cutest?

Bumble bee cupcake and smash cake

The party was quite a success, and the decorations made the party atmosphere fun and relaxed. To continue with the party’s theme, I attached a flower garland to her highchair and strung a banner with monthly photos from her first year above it. Along the path to the shelter, I placed two arrows – decorated with bumble bees and flowers – to point the way to the party. The tables, themselves, were covered with brown paper for the kids at the party to decorate with crayons. There were also several other banners proclaiming: “Happy Bee-Day!”  Lastly, I made a chalkboard sign that highlighted her achievements on a cut-out of the letter “B.” I was so happy with how it turned out and the guests enjoyed reading about how much she had grown and developed in the past year!

Little B loved all the attention she got at her party! She was quite content to sit in the middle of the picnic tables and crawl back and forth to people. And of course she was the star of the show and entertained her guests quite well!

The highlight of any first birthday party is the smash cake, and Little B did not disappoint! She was quite dainty in her approach but had absolutely no hesitation! She loved the sugar – perhaps a little bit too much! And she was not at all dissuaded by an audience!

I was so happy with the outcome of the party! It turned out even better than how I envisioned it, and it was a ton of fun! Hubby and I were also blessed by the many people who came to celebrate this special day with us. They have showered our B with much love and many prayers. We are thankful for each and every one of them!

We are also so proud of the little lady that B is becoming!


birthday party for 1 year old girl


PS – If you want to see my inspiration for Little B’s first birthday, check out THE Pinterest board below that I created for her birthday!

UPDATE: You can find her second birthday party post here!

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5 thoughts on “Little B’s First Birthday – A Floral Celebration

  1. how absolutely sweet. That really was a great and memorable day. Thanks for letting us all celebrate with you. Hey, come to think of it, you, my dear, could become a party planner. Yes, the party was that good! So proud of you and love you beyond words.


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