A Day At The Market – Summer Edition

It’s a miracle… but I have about an hour to myself right now, so I’m enjoying a square of chocolate and some late afternoon coffee – which I hope I won’t regret tonight! Since today is Friday (whoop!) I wanted to talk a tiny bit about a fun Saturday activity – visiting  a local farmer’s market!

Saturday morning farmers market

I certainly live in a hipster-ish town, and those vibes are felt through and through at our local Saturday morning market. But regardless of where you are, I’d venture to guess that there is some sort of weekly or monthly market nearby. These hidden gems are such fun places to spend a Saturday morning! Whether you go to buy produce, browse the different stands, drink coffee, or people watch – it is the place to be!

Our market downsizes during the summer months (due to the extreme Florida heat!) But even the abbreviated market is a fun diversion. Best of all? It is free! Just find some parking and start strolling! Lots of friendly people show up every week, and several people bring their children and/or pets. Many of the vendors are pet-friendly and have little treats or water for the four-legged friends. Little B loves watching all the “puppies” as we push past them in her stroller!

Last weekend, B and I met a friend at our market. We grabbed iced coffee and sat on one of the park benches after meandering past all the vendors. At our market there is always music, and quite often, it is a live performance. This time, it was a talented accordion player, and Little B was mesmerized!! I loved watching her gaze in amazement as he played!

accordion player live music at farmers market

This particular time, I did not need to purchase any produce, but I love the concept of buying from local farmers and supporting their livelihood. In the past I have gotten all sorts of produce from here and it has always lasted longer than any fruits or veggies that I find in the stores!

PS – These are all photos of produce/bakery items that I purchased during the spring market season!

Hopefully this post will inspired a few of you to find a market in your area. It can be a fun Saturday tradition for the whole family!

How do you plan to spend your weekend?

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13 thoughts on “A Day At The Market – Summer Edition

  1. We also LOVE the farmers market. It’s one of my favorite ways to spend a weekend day, just out in the sun and a great way to support local businesses. (Plus I always seem to find yummy baked goods at the farmers markets!)

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  2. Wow. Your “downsized” Famer’s Market looks way bigger than ours! But here in Seattle, we have neighborhood specific ones. I guess the ginormous Pike Place Market is actually our all-the-time Farmer’s Market. But I’m rambling! Anyway, our neighborhood hosts it on Sundays, and we love to go when they can. Last Summer they gave us WIC checks for the Famer’s Market, that was pretty cool. We have a guy who grows all sorts of mushrooms; I think that he is my favorite vendor. I love his oyster mushrooms! He sells spores too, I have been to nervous to give them a try but it’s on my to-do list..

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  3. My town is very stars hollows-y … with that said of course we have our weekly market during the week haha. I was only able to go a few times when I was working at a firm in uptown but since getting a “bigger” job I am never home during that time. Your market looks way more fun though, probably also bigger. 🙂


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