Make Your Own Cold Brew Coffee

Hello lovelies!

My, what a busy several days it has been! I feel like I’ve been running, nonstop – but in a good way! In fact, I can’t believe it is already Wednesday! Tomorrow, I’ll be 22 weeks along in this pregnancy. It is going by so fast! (Wanna know how being pregnant has been this time around? I finally wrote a blog post about it!)

Anyways, now that I’m well into my second trimester, I’m so happy to drink coffee again! For whatever reason, I always have a terrible aversion to it in my first trimester. So sad…

This week, I started brewing home-made cold brew coffee again. This lovely drink allows me to make my beloved iced coffee drinks at home! ♥

Anyone who knows me or anyone who has read enough of these posts knows that I’m always ordering iced drinks from our local coffee shops. I don’t even know what to do with myself in the wintertime when it is truly ridiculous to drink iced drinks! I suppose it is a good thing that I live in Florida!

Making your own cold brew is really simple, highly cost-effective, and extremely flavorful! For these reasons (and more!) I wanted to share my method with you all – and here it is! It is just too good to keep it to myself!

Cold Brew Coffee Recipe Card

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I formulated my version based off of guidelines I discovered on Pinterest by Stephanie at Wellnesting. I’ve included photos of my process (eventually I’d like to work on the quality of these pictures,) but let me tell you, they truly don’t do the taste of this drink justice!

If this seems like the drink for you, pull up a chair, listen closely, and then make yourself this summer treat!

Make cold brew coffee concentrate at home

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Making the Cold Brew Concentrate

cold brew coffee

This whole process starts with good coffee beans. I always look for fair trade coffee – this helps to ensure fair wages and treatment of the farmers and workers who provide us with this yummy beverage. I am certainly not a coffee connoisseur; so the coffee grounds in the above photo were perfectly fine for my cold brew. You can also buy whole beans and grind them yourself. I chose to take the easier route this time and go with the pre-ground coffee.

I like using this glass Pyrex measuring cup. It holds 4 cups which is the perfect size! To make approximately 16 ounces (2 cups) of cold brew, measure out 1 cup of grounds.

Next, add 3 cups of filtered, cold water to the coffee grounds and stir the mixture. When stirring, I opt to use a wooded spoon. (I read on Stephanie’s blog that metal utensils can alter the flavor of your cold brew.)

cold brew coffee

Once the grounds are completely mixed into the water (they float to the top, so be sure that they are moist, with no dry patches,) cover the container, label it, and put it into the fridge for 24 hours.

I know it’s a really long time, but it is so worth it the next day! (If you decide that the end result is too concentrated for you, I have heard of other brew times as low as 12 hours. Find what works best for you and your taste buds! For me, 24 hours makes this cold brew perfect!)

24 hours later, you will want to create a contraption similar to what you can see in the above photo. I use two mesh strainers over some sort of collection chamber. (These mesh strainers would do the trick!) The top strainer is there to catch the bulk of the coffee grounds, and the bottom strainer is lined with a traditional coffee filter to catch any sediment before the brew drips into the collection chamber. You can see in the photos how this worked. (You can also message me if this or another step is unclear to you…)

After pouring all of the coffee ground mixture through the two strainers, use a spatula or spoon to press out the remaining liquid in the grounds.

cold brew coffee

Once all of the coffee filters through, you can pour the remaining cold brew into a glass jar and store it in the refrigerator. I like to label mine so that I remember when I made it. Because of this brewing method, it can be enjoyed for many days without changing its flavor or acidity!

Making an Iced Coffee

Because of cold brew’s high concentration, it should be mixed in a 1:2 ratio of cold brew to another liquid (milk or water.) If you like your coffee black, this would mean 1 part cold brew and 2 parts water. I love to drink my cold brew over ice with whole milk! To make it like I do, add 1 part cold brew, 1 part water, and 1 part milk – then pour it over ice. ♥

The colors of coffee and milk mixing are simply delicious, aren’t they?

cold brew coffee

Mmmmm! If it wasn’t so late in the day, I would go make another glass right now! Let me know if you try this method for making iced coffee. I’d like to hear your thoughts or if you make any adjustments to the process! Happy August! Let’s get in our iced drinks while it’s still summer!!


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10 thoughts on “Make Your Own Cold Brew Coffee

  1. Yum this sounds delicious! And I love that it just takes everyday kitchen equipment. Between French presses and stovetop espresso percolators, our coffee making equipment seems to be constantly breaking down. This is a great backup, at least for the day after 😉

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