Refreshing And Refilling My Soul – Jesus Is The Source

Hello and Happy Sunday, Friends!

How have you been enjoying this weekend? I was able to sneak away early this morning to grab coffee and a muffin and sit on a veranda in our lovely downtown! It was such a pleasant break from the craziness of life. I spent about a half an hour there just reading the Word and enjoying a momentary mental break from always having a little person with me.

woman in hat with scarf

I love being a mom more than any other role I fill (except for being a wife – I don’t know how I ended up so lucky!) But just like any other mama, I need some moments to myself. Mental breaks. Time to breathe. Quiet and stillness.

Jesus is the source of all refreshing and refilling

I know it is getting cliché to say these days – as I’m sure that every one of us has heard it a million times already – but every person needs to take time for themselves. Trust me on this. We will reach a breaking point if we are only poured out and are never refilled.

Yesterday, I hit my max. Nothing out of the ordinary happened, but I needed “me” time. I almost felt guilty about it, but you know what? I did need that. And it’s okay. I’m not a bad mom because I needed to be alone. Let me release you from mom-guilt if it is holding you back.

You are a person.

You are an individual AND a mom.

But always remember that you are still an individual.

And you are human.

Until you are perfected, you will need that recharge time.

So it’s okay for us to ask for help. It’s okay to admit to our limitations. It’s okay to ask our husband, mom, and/or friend to watch the kids. It’s okay to hire a sitter. Because how can we be good mamas if we have nothing left to give?

baby on a carpet

But Mama, can I give you a little bit of additional advice? Be careful how you choose to fill yourself up when you feel empty.

I get it! When I’m completely spent and totally empty, I am so tempted (and often give in) to chilling in front of the TV, scrolling through social media, splurging on a shopping spree, or indulging in whatever yummy treat suits my fancy (coffee and ice cream are regular offenders…)

But guess what? When nap time is over or when it’s time to come back home to the kids, I still feel empty and often times I even feel worse than I did prior to my “break.” Has anyone else realized this?

It’s like eating a donut when famished. It spikes my blood sugar, just for it to come crashing down an hour later. Then I’m left feeling shaky and far worse than hungry.

None of those pastimes are bad things, and eating a donut is not always bad. But, friends, we have to be so careful. Sometimes we need more wholesome sustenance than a donut, and sometimes we need more than superficial activities to fill our voids…

Ho! Everyone who thirsts, come to the waters; and you who have no money, come, buy and eat. Yes, come, buy wine and milk without money and without price. Why do you spend money for what is not bread, and your wages for what does not satisfy? Listen carefully to Me, and eat what is good, and let your soul delight itself in abundance. Incline your ear, and come to Me. Hear, and your soul shall live; and I will make an everlasting covenant with you – the sure mercies of David. (Isaiah 55:1-3)

If we are to be good Mommies to our little ones and exemplify Christ to them, we have to be saturated and filled with Him. Watching Netflix won’t make us more Christ-like, but spending time in His Word and before His throne will.

Friends, I am so bad at this discipline! Often times I do NOT want to focus my energies in that way. Many times it feels like a chore. But then I read the above verses, and I am so encouraged…

Why do I invest myself and my time and my energy into things that won’t satisfy – that won’t fill me up? I need the Holy Spirit to fill me. He offers Himself freely! All these other pastimes cost me something, but my relationship with Him costs me nothing because it cost Him everything!

He withheld nothing from me – He daily died to His flesh each day of His 33 years on earth and that one Friday afternoon, He committed His last breath to His Father and exhaled pure and selfless love for all mankind. He paid every price so that I can be filled. Truly, where else could we go for greater refreshment and rejuvenation?

When I seek I will find Jesus

Mamas, let’s make a fresh commitment to each other and to the Lord that when we are weak, we let Him give us strength; when we are empty, we let Him fill us up; when we are weary, we let Him lift up our head; and when we cannot go on, we let Him carry us through.

Let’s commit to carving out “me” time and turning it into “Him” time. Let’s see what could happen if we truly aspire to this. What could He do in us and through us?

And yes, girlfriend, go get that donut, but while you’re at it, grab your Bible too… ♥


(I’ve written a few other posts about having a daily quiet time on this blog that you may find encouraging if, like me, you find this to be a challenging discipline! You can check them out here: “this one thing,” “new mercy,” and “a loyal heart.”)


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12 thoughts on “Refreshing And Refilling My Soul – Jesus Is The Source

  1. It is so hard to remember to take time for yourself and ask for help. But you are so right that we need to care for ourselves so we can care for others.

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