favorite summer things – part 2

Happy Day, Lovelies!

As promised, here is the second post about my favorite summer things! (Check out the first part here! In it, I talked about my favorite outfits and accessories!)

For many of you, summer is coming to a rapid close – which means fall is right around the corner with all of its pumpkin-goodness, crunchy leaves, and turtle-necked sweaters!

Not so for me! (I wish though!) Truly fall is my FAVORITE season! But here in Florida it is really just an extended, more comfortable summer season. Would those of you who live up north forgive me if I wished for a colder fall and winter this year? The last few years, I couldn’t even get away with wearing a sweater to Christmas parties without sweating to death! Oh well…there are definitely perks to living here: like building sand-men and making sand-angels. Gotta get into that festive spirit somehow! Ha!

Anyways, back to summer…for now. I want to tell you all about some of my favorite reads and baby items that I have been thankful for this past summer! (Although I actually haven’t been able to read much at all…but if I could, I might reread some of these titles!) Hopefully these lists will spark some ideas for you and your littles!

favorite summer things - part 2

Favorite Books:

Oh dear though, where do I even begin? I LOVE to read. I simply don’t have the time to devote to it at the moment, but in seasons past, I would lose myself for hours in a good title! Here are some of my favorites:

(from left to right)

  • My Bible – I simply couldn’t live without the Word of God.
  • Come Away my Beloved by Frances J. Roberts – This is a lovely devotional that is so encouraging to my heart. It is written from God’s perspective to ours, and in doing so, it reminds me of how loving and compassionate He is towards us.
  • Jesus Freaks: Revolutionaries by dc Talk – This book is full of convicting stories of Christians who have suffered and died for their faith throughout the centuries. The subject matter is heavy but highly provoking! I recommend this book, especially since most of us experience minimal suffering for our faith. It has challenged me to count the cost of serving Christ.
  • God’s Favorite Place on Earth by Frank Viola – Frank Viola is an author not known by many people in my circles, but I have been blessed by several of his books. This particular title is a narrative of the Biblical town of Bethany. He takes the Scripture passages about this town and crafts a beautiful story that conveys the deep love that Jesus had for His friends there (Mary, Martha, Lazarus, and Simon the leper). Although it is partly a work of fiction, the Lord still used it to speak truth to me.
  • The Cross and the Switchblade by David Wilkerson – In this book, Mr. Wilkerson shares his story about starting a Christian youth program on the streets of New York City. The Lord used him to make a huge difference in countless teenage lives. These stories paint a vivid picture of God’s heart for the broken and hurting. By it, I am motivated to adopt this same heart for others.
  • My All for Him by Basilea Schlink – This is perhaps one of my all time favorite books. It is simply about cultivating genuine and fully-abandoned love for Jesus. I have tried to reread this book many times, and it always encourages and challenges me in my faith and relationship with the Lord.
  • The Pursuit of God by A. W. Tozer – This is a book that I am currently reading. Any Tozer book is excellent (I also love The Knowledge of the Holy). The author’s drive to pursue and know God is contagious, and it makes me also want to press further into knowing Him.

I could list countless other titles, but these are a few that are certainly worthy of your time, if you are looking for any new reads! (Comment below with some of your favorite titles too! I could always use some fresh ideas!)

Favorite Baby Items: 

There are so many different baby items that were favorites for little B and me this summer! This list could be endless; so I have chosen to limit it to just a few things that we love. Here is the short list:

favorite summer things (part 2)

(from left to right)

  • ROMIRUS sandals – These are the cutest pair of sandal-moccasins that I have ever seen! These were a gift from little B’s auntie, and we love them! They are the perfect beginner walking shoe, and they let her toes feel a little bit of a breeze – a must for our Florida summers!
  • Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown – This was one of my favorite books as a child and I was so happy for little B to receive this book for her birthday! At this stage, all of our books have to be board books (since she is still rough on them;) so I love finding the classic titles in this durable form!
  • Corduroy by Don Freeman – Another one of my favorites, Corduroy is a sweet story about a bear finding his forever home after getting lost in a department store. The sweet pictures never fail to bring back my memories of reading this book as a youngster.
  • Where’s Spot by Eric Hill – Little B loves flap books! She is very good at finding whatever is hidden behind the flaps and is endlessly fascinated by them. This is one of our favorites. I also read this one many years ago, and it is special to be able to read it to her now.
  • Madeline by Ludwig Bemelmans – This classic story belongs on every little girl’s bookshelf! I was shocked and so excited that a friend found it in board book form!
  • Plush bunnies – These fun friends are my favorite kind of plush toy – timelessly classic and unique! Two of the bunnies are from Etsy and the pink one is from Pottery Barn Kids. It was a sweet birthday gift for little B from a friend.

Can you tell that we love books in this house? I spent countless hours lost in books as a child, and I hope that little B shares that passion! Of course, there are countless other toys that she enjoys too!  A while back, I wrote a blog post about several fun and educational playtime activities that we like! Feel free to check that post about toys that prove to be great for learning new skills!

Once I get a bit closer to my due date, I will also be blogging about the newborn essentials that I like to have! Stay tuned for that post sometime this fall!

Favorite Parts of Summer:

Last but not least, I had to add in some of my favorite parts of summer since it is coming to an end. I often complain about the heat and humidity of summer, but it is a good season for many reasons:

  • Being home during afternoon thunderstorms
  • Wearing flip-flops, shorts, and sundresses
  • Swimming in fresh water springs
  • Exploring islands off the shore of Florida
  • Sleeping with a fan on in our bedroom
  • Taking advantage of the long summer days
  • Drinking iced coffee drinks

What about you? Tell me some of your favorite summer things – books, baby items, activities, etc. in the comments below!

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