8 Maternity Outfits – From Items Already In Your Closet

It’s New York’s Fashion week!

In honor of that, I have decided to model 8 maternity outfits! These styles will be made up of non-maternity clothing that I have repurposed for use during my pregnancy.

I have a few staple pieces of maternity clothing that I find invaluable, but when it comes to spending hard-earned money, I prefer to purchase non-maternity clothing and make those pieces work for my growing bump. It’s fun to still be able to use my clothing after my pregnancy too!

Recently, I tried on a few maternity outfits while I was at Target, and they fit horribly! I’m so thankful that I’m not limited to wearing maternity clothes for 9 months straight! These maternity outfit ideas (from non-maternity pieces) may help to get your creative juices flowing if you also struggle with finding things to wear while growing a little human!

I hope that you enjoy this post! I’ve had fun stretching my imagination to create maternity styles out of non-maternity pieces. As a result, my wardrobe options have massively grown! (That’s always a good thing!) I also hope that you non-preggo ladies can find a bit of inspiration from some of these styles! ♥

Use regular clothes during your pregnancy

(For reference, I am about 27 weeks pregnant – just shy of beginning my third trimester. Also, we are still having 80-90 degree weather here in Florida – so forgive me if these clothing choices are too cool for your climate during this time of year…) ♥

Maternity Style #1

  • Hat – Target
  • Cardigan – Gap
  • Tank top – Target
  • Shorts – Altar’d State
  • Shoes – Toms

The secret to this look is roominess! This white tank top is made to have a large and drape-y fit to it. I tucked it into these trouser shorts that have a nice and stretchy waistband and cinched it with a belt! The cardigan pulls the look together nicely.

Normally, I avoid tucking in shirts while pregnant (especially in the first trimester when strangers are unsure of whether I have an abundant appetite or am expecting a little person!) but later in my pregnancy with this particular styling, it adorably accentuates my bump! (I also want to note that this outfit is perfect for breastfeeding too!)

I think this is a great transitional outfit from summer to fall! It’s stylish enough to visit a coffee shop, but also comfortable enough to chase after a toddler on the run!

Maternity Style #2

  • Collared shirt – Target
  • Pin-stripe shorts – Urban Outfitters (purchased on sale!)
  • Chunky-heeled sandals – Local Boutique
  • Teething necklace – Babies”R”us

This outfit works perfectly for a growing belly! The shirt has a three-quarter sleeve with a collared v-neck. It does not have any buttons down the front, but this look could easily be replicated with one that does have buttons if the shirt also fits loosely, like this one does, which helps to accommodates my bump. The pin-stripe shorts were a recent find and have both an elastic and a drawstring waist. I am able to wear them now – while pregnant, and I should be able to also wear them next summer – when I will (hopefully) be back to my normal size. Lastly, these sandals are my favorite shoe for dressing up any outfit. They are perfectly comfortable, despite the heel, and they add a wonderful finishing touch!

This is a simple and comfortable outfit that I love! It requires very little thought-process to put together, and most likely, many of us already have similar clothing items in our closets!

Again, none of these pieces are even maternity clothing – which means that I get to still wear them after the little man is born! Also, depending on the collared shirt, it can easily be a great breastfeeding outfit too.

Maternity Style #3

  • Straw hat – Target
  • Rose-quartz necklace – Local Consignment Store
  • High-low, maxi dress – TJ Maxx
  • Sandals – Target

I am in LOVE with this dress!! It is so versatile and stylish. It is the epitome of “I look really well put together, but truly I didn’t even try.” We all need staple pieces like this in our wardrobes! Any black maxi dress could replicate this look. For a maternity style, just be sure to look for one with an empire waist to accommodate that sweet baby bump!

Regardless of the day’s plans – I know that I’ll be safe if I wear this dress. Going to the beach? Check. Exploring a chic downtown? Check. Dinner with the Hubby? Check. This outfit is perfect for almost any outing since it can easily be dressed up or down. A cardigan or fun blazer can also be added for a pop of color or for warmth. I honestly wear this dress all year long! I also love the style combinations that can be created with different accessories – in this case a chunky necklace and wide-brimmed hat.

To make it even more appealing, this maxi works fabulously while pregnant and afterwards when breastfeeding even though it wasn’t made with either purpose in mind. Score!

Maternity Style #4

  • Plaid button-down shirt – TJ Maxx
  • White tank-top – Target
  • Leggings – Target
  • Nude ballet flats – Target

I think this look is so cute! Not only is this is a great outfit for the chillier fall days, (Unfortunately, we haven’t had that happen yet in Florida!) but it is also extremely comfortable! Who doesn’t love an outfit that revolves around leggings? These are plain black leggings work wonderfully whether preggo or not, because of the elastic waistband. I topped it with an empire-waisted tank-top. (For modesty’s sake, I prefer to wear shirts that are longer in the back when wearing tight-fitting leggings, and this shirt provides that coverage.)

I also love the addition of a plaid button-down shirt! It adds a rustic feel to the entire outfit while providing some additional warmth. The button-down can also be tied around the waist for an alternative style. Lastly, the nude ballet flats are the final touch. They provide a bit of sophistication to the look and compliment the entire outfit.

This look can easily be created by repurposing non-maternity clothing items. It is also a good postpartum (or non-maternity) look and, again, it works wonderfully for breastfeeding too!

Maternity Style #5

  • Lace scarf – Target
  • Tank-top – Target
  • Maxi skirt – Target

This outfit is simple, comfortable, and classy. It can also be accessorized countless different ways: just add a scarf, a statement necklace, or a cardigan! I love how this particular maxi skirt is neutral in color but still displays fun patterns! All it requires is a plain black tank and a fun scarf! This scarf happens to be one of my favorite pieces. It is light and airy and can easily be worn year-round! The lace makes it feminine and the color goes with almost any outfit. If you ever get a chance to purchase a non-bulky, lace scarf – do it! You won’t regret it!

This outfit is cute and certainly comfortable. And the best part? None of these pieces need to be found in a maternity section! Even so, they still work great during all 9 months of a pregnancy and during any breastfeeding sessions after baby is born!

Maternity Style #6

  • Dress – Target
  • Tights – Target
  • Ballet flats – Target
  • Necklace – Target

(First of all, I promise that I shop at other stores besides Target… It seems that many of the pieces I have been using over the past several days have come from there!)

This outfit demonstrates a great way to wear a short, non-maternity dress while pregnant! When my bump starts to grow, I find that the hem of many of my dresses becomes too short for comfort. (Let’s be honest, sometimes moving around when pregnant can become awkward as one tries to accommodate extra body mass that didn’t previously exist! No need to be worried about flashing someone because of a short skirt too! Ha!) By adding the tights (or even leggings or skinny jeans) under this dress, I have better peace of mind about the amount of skin I’m showing.

This outfit looks adorable in heels, but since I am not coordinated enough to enjoy wearing them, I like to pair this look with my black ballet flats. The addition of a long necklace helps to elongate the entire style and add a bit of flair, as well.

Not only is this outfit great for pregnancy, but it also works for nursing mamas too! And can we just talk for a second about how cute adding a toddler to the picture is? I mean, aren’t preggo bumps just made to be seats for another little? (Oh but please be walking by the time your baby brother is born, Little B!) ♥

Maternity Style #7

  • V-neck t-shirt – Gap
  • Pants – Local Consignment Store
  • Sandals – Kino Sandals (Key West, FL)
  • Watch – Fossil

Can I just be honest with you guys? This entire outfit is built around these pants! They are one of the best clothing purchases I have ever made! (And since I found them at a consignment store and I had store credit, they were virtually free – with the tags still on them, no less! Thank you to whoever decided they didn’t want them any longer!) When I wear these, I truly feel like I am out and about in my PJs. Regardless, the outfit still looks super chic! Bingo!

I paired these pants with a neutral Gap t-shirt. I even tucked the front part of the shirt into the waistband so that it accentuated my baby bump a bit more. Lastly, these Kino sandals were a special find when I was in Key West last year! (If you ever have the chance to go, make sure to visit their store. They make all of their shoes there in the shop with genuine leather!) Forgive me for being extremely excited about this style…It just so happens to be one of my favorites! ♥

I should probably mention that I am all about comfortable clothing regardless of whether or not I am pregnant – but when I am expecting a little, it is even more important to me! This outfit meets my qualifications for comfort and functionality (not to mention style!) And I  have no problem chasing a toddler in these clothes! In addition, it happens to be nursing friendly and is great for lounging around the house after baby is born! (And yes, I wore it all the time when I wasn’t pregnant too!)

My only fault to this outfit is that it is so cute and stylish that people notice it and will probably remember it if you were planning to wear it every day – but who cares what they think! Just be sure wash it occasionally in between wears… Am I right? Or am I right?

Maternity Style #8

  • Tunic – Anthropologie (purchased on sale!)
  • Leggings – Target
  • Chunky-heeled sandals – Local Boutique

To my beautiful preggo ladies out there: tunics are your best friend! Honestly, they are the only tops that I will consider purchasing these days since they are very pregnancy-friendly! This tunic is one of my few, prized Anthro purchases. I found it in the clearance section, and I love it! Pregnant or not, it is adorable and stylish. Paired with leggings, this outfit is extremely comfortable, modest, and trendy! My chunky-heeled sandals add the perfect finishing touch!

What do you guys think of these styles? Any suggestions or comments? Check out these 8 additional tips below and feel free to pin it to Pinterest for later reference! ♥

Hot to rock maternity style with non maternity clothes

Thanks for following along during New York’s Fashion Week for this post on maternity style! I hope that something sparked your fancy and perhaps inspired you to dig through your current closet to create a few new looks!


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