baby bucket-list

This week I will be 33 weeks pregnant! That means that this baby could come as early as 5 weeks from now. (That also means that Thanksgiving is really soon…) Wow! Time is racing by so quickly! I’ve been so thankful for an easy pregnancy. This little man has been even kinder than little B was (and she was easy too!) I’m now visiting my midwife every-other week and starting to allow myself to think about the whole labor and birthing process once again. I’m also happy to report that the little lady of our family has become highly interested in learning to walk – and I am rejoicing that it looks like I won’t be carrying two littles around at all times once this little guy makes his debut! Gotta appreciate the little things, ya know?


This post is my baby bucket list – essentially my to-do list for before little man comes. But no worries… there are lots of fun things on this list! (And many holiday activities too!) So read on and be sure to comment below with anything that I have missed… (Nesting is not one of my strong points! Ha!) ♥

baby bucket-list

(in no particular order…)

  1. Finish the nursery – Okay, I know! This should be engrained in my genetic make-up. It’s famously called: “Nesting.” I’m here to tell you that I didn’t get that gene. But I have started painting the room (many thanks to my dear mom who is leading that charge!) His crib is in a cardboard box sitting in my living room and driving my OCD crazy! So once the room is painted and ready, I’ll be building his bed and then the fun decorating starts! That is the part I enjoy! No worries little guy… I will have a bedroom ready for you! (Never mind that you’ll be in my room for the first few months!)
  2. Wash all the baby clothes – Once I have somewhere to put them, this will definitely be happening! I’m planning on using a detergent that is safer for that sweet newborn skin. (Any cost-effective suggestions?)
  3. Visit New York City – I have a 23 hour trip planned to visit my dear friends who live in the city. It’s a total girl’s trip and we are going to make the absolute most out of those 23 hours! (Unfortunately, I think it will take me much longer than 23 hours to recuperate afterwards!)
  4. Attend a car seat safety class – I did a class through Safe Kids Worldwide before little B was born. We had purchased a brand-new Graco infant car seat and already installed it into my car. Hubby and I followed the installation manual and were 100% certain that it was done correctly. Thankfully, I attended the car seat class and had a professional check my seat’s installation. Guess what? It wasn’t in there correctly. PLEASE consider having a professional check your child’s seat if it hasn’t been – many fire departments will do it for you! It’s such an easy thing to do but could save your baby’s life one day. Now that I have a second car seat, I’m planning on having this one checked too! Better safe than sorry!
  5. Eat Thanksgiving dinner – Yes, Thanksgiving is the earliest I can go into labor without being considered “early.” And I really hope it doesn’t happen that day (because I love the holidays and I don’t love labor and they really shouldn’t be combined if it can be helped!) But any day after that is great!
  6. Buy a Christmas tree – As I said, I really like the holidays. I can’t wait to experience a Christmas tree with little B this year. Last year, she was so young that she didn’t get to participate in much, but I am hoping that this year will be different! (And I’m hoping that not many ornaments are broken either!)
  7. Attend the zoo’s Christmas program – Our local zoo has a fun Christmas program every year for the kids. It is always in the evenings so that their Christmas lights can be turned on. They also bring in real reindeer and penguins and even fake snow (a big deal here in Florida!) I think little B will have a blast exploring it all!
  8. See the Christmas lights at the Botanical Gardens – Our botanical garden always goes all out with their Christmas light display! It is fun to walk around with a cup of hot cider in the cooler air, and it is the perfect activity to spark that festive mood!
  9. Clean my car – This is embarrassing, but my car is filthy. I haven’t vacuumed the inside since having little B because it always seemed like too much work with a baby. Guess what? It’ll be SO much more work with two littles! So that will certainly be happening sometime before baby #2 is born!
  10. Prep/freeze meals – This is something that I hope to do before this baby is born. I’m really bad at planning that far in advance regarding meals… Hubby can also be a bit picky, which makes it more challenging, but I do hope to have at least a few meals in the back of my freezer for those days when dinner is So. Not. Happening.
  11. Buy paper plates and utensils – I’m really sorry to any of you who I may have offended with this obvious waste, but I’m just being real. Dishes are the last thing I want to worry about when I have a newborn. Enough said!
  12. Purchase/wrap Christmas presents – Yep. The goal is to have it finished before Thanksgiving. Considering I haven’t started yet, I’m doubting it will be accomplished… but here’s to hoping!
  13. Sleep, a lot – Ideally this will mean earlier bed-times, later wake-up times, and even some afternoon naps. Note that I did say “ideally.”
  14. Date my Hubby – We are actually really bad at this, but I want to be better and I know that it will only get harder with two littles. Thankfully we are basically still newly-weds (I can still say that even though we are in year 3, right?) so I still think he the greatest thing I’ve laid eyes on! xoxo ♥
  15. Start a walking regimen – Oh I’m so bad. I don’t exercise. I really don’t like it. But I need to… so this is my accountability point. I want to start walking on some of the weekdays. My body and my baby will thank me so much!
  16. Snuggle little B – I would be lying if I said that I’m not at least a little bit sad that I won’t be able to wholly focus on my little girl anymore. She will have to share me with her baby brother when that time comes. Until then, I am determined to get every snuggle and kiss out of her and into her that I can! And then I will fall in love with her all over again as I watch her become the big sister that God made her to be!
  17. Plant a fall garden – Call me crazy! But I would like to plant a small garden to prove to myself that I can keep something green alive. I’ll even be content with an herb garden if it give confidence to my beginner skills.
  18. Get my hair professionally cut (and colored?) – I HATE spending money in this way. But I would love to have a fresh style just before the babe comes. It will be forever before I can break away to get it done again after that!
  19. Pack a “hospital” bag – Another post for another day… ♥
  20. Be spontaneous – I want to take advantage of these last few days and squeeze in whatever sounds fun! But I also want to feel free to do absolutely nothing at all too! Both in moderation of course!

And I think that’s it! For now… I’m sure I’ll think of more as the time approaches. Now it’s your turn! What was/is/will be on your baby bucket list? I’m sure I’ve missed some important things – feel free to add them in the comments below!

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