23 hours in New York City

I am so excited to put into words the excitement and fun I had last Sunday! Yes, you read the title correctly, I spent 23 glorious hours in the Big Apple with two of my dearest girlfriends, and we made the most of every second! As a newish mama, this was a gigantic leap for me to leave my little B at home, under the care of daddy (along with the help of her wonderful grandparents,) but I can say with absolute certainty that taking some “me” time to spend with girlfriends was long overdue and absolutely invigorating! This was the first time I had left her for longer than a few hours (and even those small breaks are few and far between!) Needless to say, she did amazing, he did amazing, and I did amazing! This was my “babymoon” of sorts and I was thrilled to be able to squeeze it in before little man decides to come! (A funny side note – I’ve visited New York City one other time when I was pregnant with little B; so both of my kids have been there in my tummy! Ha!)


My flight left Florida at 7am and I landed at JFK around 9:30am. After walking what felt like a half of a mile (just in the terminal!) I found the AirTran and rode it to the subway station where my sweet friends met me. We were SO happy to be reunited! From there we hopped onto a train and rode it into the City, and then we took a car to an area near Central Park for brunch.

But first, let me describe driving in NYC. It is both an art and a skill. Aggressive driving is the only type of driving that people know, and I’m convinced a person would die if they tried to drive defensively! But it seems to work and I was impressed by the reflexes and reactions of all of the drivers – better them than me! Not to mention that we arrived safely at all of our destinations!

23 hours in New York City

Brunch was at an amazing little place called Bluestone Lane on the Upper East Side. It adjoins an Episcopalian church and the two establishments actually share part of the property. The inside was phenomenal and gorgeous as only old churches can be! Our booth was tucked into an alcove with high vaulted ceilings and everywhere I looked I saw more beautiful architecture. We waited for a while to be seated, but it was well worth our time! Between the three of us, we split delicious lattes, thick slices of toast with yummy spreads, and a rich banana bread. It was the perfect midmorning meal!

After brunch, we trekked across part of Central Park. It truly is a beautiful respite in the busy metropolitan city. The park was busy as always but fun to explore, and the leaves on several trees were beginning to change to their gorgeous autumn colors.

By way of Central Park, we found ourselves on Madison Avenue. After a bit of window shopping, we visited a quaint shop named Ladurée that sells French macarons. And when I say “French,” they truly are! Every morning these cookies are flown from France to be sold in this shop. They are both fresh and French in every way! And truly, they were far superior to any macaron that I have ever sampled before!

Next, we visited Bloomingdales to view their Christmas displays. It is a 10-story department store filled from top to bottom. While there, we split a frozen yogurt and perused the Christmas ornaments.

23 hours in New York City

After finishing up in the store, we headed out into the evening, and much to our surprise, found ourselves in gusting wind and falling rain! We laughed and ran to the girls’ apartment through the rain drops that were blowing sideways through the narrow streets.

At the apartment, we freshened up and rested for a bit, and then we went out once more for an indescribable meal at Café Boulud. This was by far the finest that I have ever dined, and it was a treat to remember! The three of us shared several plates and finished the meal with an amazing chocolate lava cake. I only wish I had photos of the amazing food we devoured but it was honestly too nice of a restaurant to pull out my phone for food selfies! Ha!

The remainder of the night was spent back at the apartment drinking spiced apple cider, munching on stove-top popcorn, and simply catching up on all things girly. ♥

The next morning found me on a plane headed back to my little girl. I couldn’t have been happier to be reunited with her and my hubby! However, my heart will always treasure this sweet girls’ trip to New York City! Not only was it a blast to spend some time with dear friends, but it also taught me how valuable “me” time is for mommies.

What about you? Have you been to the City before? What were some of your favorite parts? And what do you do for yourself to get some “adult” time in? Feel free to comment below!

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend!! ♥

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