baby bear’s nursery

I have been planning this “tour” of my little man’s nursery for quite some time now! And now he is actually here! Our little guy was born a few days ago – a happy and healthy 8lb and 9oz! (See the bottom of this post for a photo!) The labor and birth are a crazy, unique, and unexpected story all their own… so stay tuned for a birth story post in the near future!


In the meantime, enjoy these photos of his nursery!

I love the woodland, boho nursery theme that is so popular right now! I went with lots of feathers, forest animals, and arrows as I was decorating!

The feather mobile was a DIY project! It was so easy to make and the feathers actually flutter whenever there is a draft. I also created a mini-teepee for the head of his bed! ♥

I painted several canvases for his nursery! I was so surprised how easy it was to make something simple – like this feather – despite the fact that I am not terribly artsy!

The adorable fox pillow can be found on Etsy or Amazon. It adds the perfect splash of color to the neutrals that fill most of the room. The rocking chair was passed down from my mom to me! I used it when I was a little girl and I adore the character it has from its imperfections. ♥

These muslin swaddle blankets were also from Amazon (I have found out that Amazon Prime is this mama’s best friend!) They are so snuggly and the patterns are adorable! The cedar chest was my grandma’s and was given to me several years ago. I’m using it to hold the little guy’s socks, hats, bibs, etc.

I just love how these shelves turned out! Instead of purchasing a dresser, I decided to move the majority of my books to the left bookshelf and use these fun linen totes from Babies”R”Us to store his clothes.

I also DIYed the wooden sign on the second shelf of the right bookshelf using permanent marker on a wood slab I purchased at Michaels.

And the sweet ceramic fox and little globe I found at Target (because who doesn’t love Target… am I right?)

Again, here are two more canvases that I painted. I simply blended colors until I achieved a look I liked. On bottom canvas I, used a permanent marker to letter the phrase.

Believe it or not, the blackboard in this photo was made by painting chalkboard paint over the glass of a picture that was given to me. Now it is an adorable and totally versatile chalkboard!

(I also want to do a quick shout-out for the white noise maker on this little table – it’s the white device on the left side of the photo. It has been a wonderful item that we use for little B every day! This particular one is a Dohm – but I’m sure there are countless other brands out there! I’d highly recommend purchasing one to drown out other noises during naps and bedtime.)

These were the last two canvases that I painted. The black one is covered in chalkboard paint and I lettered the phrase with chalk. The one above the closet door I lettered with a paint brush and paint (that was the most challenging canvas I did…) and I glued feathers onto the canvas to mimic a wing, which coordinates with Psalm 91:4a – the Bible verse I quoted.

The wooden arrow I found at Michaels and the little plaque with the evergreen tree is another Target find!

baby bear's nursery

All in all, the room turned out so fun! I was so happy with it and hopefully many wonderful memories will be made in this room! DIYing a lot of the details in the room saved us so much money and it makes it uniquely “ours.” Comment below or message me if you want any details on any of these projects – they are very straight-forward!

Now I’m off to snuggle my little bear some more! Don’t forget to stay tuned for his birth story! ♥

baby bear's nursery

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