Christmas décor on a budget

Hello friends!

Can you believe that Christmas is almost 2 weeks away? Yikes! My sweet baby boy has quite distracted me from this fact! I still need to be sure that I have all the gifts for my intended recipients and finsh, no, start wrapping them…

Christmas décor on a budget

Even though this season can have its stressful moments, it is still my favorite time of year! I love the traditions, the festivities, the general air of excitement, and all of the reminders of Emmanuel – God with us. It still blows my mind every time  I think of God becoming a helpless babe of a human for me; especially when I have done nothing to deserve the least bit of His mercy and grace!

In light of embracing the season, I always gravitate towards any and all festive things – decorations, scented candles, Christmas music, etc. Anyone else? Let me tell you, when I visit Target, Anthropologie, or any of my other favorite stores, it’s all I can do to not purchase all of the fun decorations for my home! You see, there’s this funny little thing called a “budget” that holds me in check. I’m sure you know what I speak of!

That’s why I’m writing this post! This year, I have gotten creative (at least I think I’m creative…) with the various decorations in my home in order to stay within my budget. Even though I have spent very few dollars this year, I still feel that my home is festive as ever. And not only does it reverberate holiday cheer, but my décor is uniquely MINE! Because many of my decorations were my own DIY projects, you won’t find them in another person’s home. That makes them special, right?

Alright, enough words… Now let me show you what I mean! See if these ideas get your creative juices running for your own Christmas décor on a budget!

Christmas Decor on a Budget

Tip #1 – Take what you can get! (And many thanks to those of you who have gifted me décor! You know who you are! ♥)

Let me begin with a disclaimer, I really haven’t spent much on Christmas decorations at all over the past 2 Christmases (this will be the Hubby and my third holiday season together). We know many people who have given us new and hand-me-down décor. I am ALL about embracing another person’s things and making it into my own treasure!

Christmas Decor on a Budget

Tip #2 – Wrap your picture frames in wrapping paper!

You know the saying: “Brown paper packages tied up with string – these are a few of my favorite things!”

Christmas Decor on a Budget

Tip #3 – If you don’t like it, don’t buy it… instead, DIY it!

I have yet to find stockings that I actually like; so for Hubby and I, I purchased these striped knee-socks in the ladies department of Target (and they were MUCH cheaper than “real” stockings!) For the kiddos, I sewed these faux fur stockings using a baby blanket we no longer needed.

My “Joy” banner was made using burlap, twine, letter cut-outs, and festive paper napkins that were all left over from other projects. Cute, unique, and free? Yes, please!

Christmas Decor on a Budget

Tip #4 – Free evergreen clippings!

Guys, I don’t know if this is a secret or not, but this is the best tip of all and the easiest too! Go to your nearest hardware store that sells Christmas trees and ask if you can have free clippings from the trees. They should happily oblige, and you will have an endless supply of fragrant pine branches!

I used the larger branches to make this gorgeous door hanging (simply adding an inexpensive bow I found at Target.) Indoors, I cut the clippings into sprigs and put them into mason jars wrapped in a bit of festive ribbon. They are gorgeous and make the house smell lovely!

Christmas Decor on a Budget

Tip #5  – Use what you’ve got!

I had a large baggie filled with these Christmas cookie cutters; so I thought, why not use them to decorate? This adorable display is on my kitchen island, and I simply added a few candy canes for color! (Also, please note the afore mentioned pine sprigs in my mason jar – so cute!)

Christmas Decor on a Budget

Tip #6 – Holiday treats can look beautiful too!

I have no intention of eating any of these sweets since they have been sitting out – but how cute are they? The gingerbread house (from Trader Joe’s) was a fun nap-time project for me, and the other candies add festive color to my kitchen!

Christmas Decor on a Budget

Tip #7 – Light candles!

What is it about the ambience of candlelight? I love how this little display turned out! I simply congregated all of my candles into one locations. It is both eclectic and unique. The birdcage is a year round piece that I obtained from Michael’s several years ago. It has been the perfect way to house my candle collection!

Christmas Decor on a Budget

Tip #8 – Decorate with Christmas cards!

If you haven’t realized it by now, I love making banners by hanging art, photos, cards, etc. off of ribbon. It is the perfect way to display this year’s Christmas cards and also a fun way to add some festive cheer to a room! Try using those removable, adhesive hooks to avoid putting holes in your walls. Come the new year, the banner can easily be taken down (or the cards can be swapped out with your favorite family photos from the previous year!)

Christmas Decor on a Budget

Tip #9 – Exchange photos with Christmas Scripture!

This is so easy to do! And if you don’t want to handwriting the Scripture, you can easily type up several verses and print them out on card stock. Then simply slip them into your frames (you can even leave the original photograph behind the Scripture cards) and add to your holiday display!

Christmas Decor on a Budget

Tip #10 – Last but not least, create a Christmas music playlist!

There is nothing quite like holiday music to get me in the Christmas spirit! I’ve included a few of my favorites below!

  • Jon Thurlow’s Christmas
  • Justin Rizzo’s Christmas
  • Amy Grant’s A Christmas Album
  • Amy Grant’s Christmas to Remember
  • Michael W. Smith’s Christmastime
  • Barlow Girl’s Home for Christmas
  • Keith and Kristyn Getty’s Joy – An Irish Christmas
  • Casting Crown’s Peace on Earth
  • Kate Rusby’s Sweet Bells

Your turn! Tell me some of your favorite ways to decorate and spread the holiday cheer! Comment below with your ideas – I’d love to hear them!

Also, just a heads up – if you never want to miss a blog post, you can subscribe here to get email updates whenever something new is published! Have a happy day! ♥

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  1. Have you heard Pentatonix Christmas music? It’s so good, you’ve gotta check add their Little Drummer Boy and Mary Did You Know to you music list!


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