the meekness found in Christmas


A season of joy and a season of expectations. A time of hope and a time of obligation. These last few days I have felt the distraction, the hurry, the rush, and the stress… I can hear the clock ticking and see the bank account dropping. It is enough to make one wish for the holiday to come and go along on it’s merry way.

Yet today I was struck with a thought… Wasn’t it people who felt like me, who engaged in the pace and priorities of the culture, who missed the birth of the Christ-child – the very one they had looked forward to for generations – their Messiah?

the meekness found in Christmas

On that night in Bethlehem:

  • Their doors were shut tightly for the sake of comfort and ease and safety, and they missed the opportunity to host the King of Kings in their dwelling place.
  • Their gaze was on their tasks, and not on the angels in the sky who cried “Gloria!”
  • Their routines were too familiar to turn aside when the shepherds told them all that they had seen and heard.

In short, they missed the greatest of all miracles… God becoming a man and inhabiting the the meekest and lowliest place – the frame of a newborn babe.

the meekness found in Christmas

I don’t want this to describe me! So this Christmas, I want to stop and pause and listen and wait and remember the God of the universe and the story of His birth which is like none other.

Gift-wrapping can wait. A clean house can wait. Christmas cards can wait. Right now, I must stoop low and gaze on the face of that One who so long ago slumbered in obscurity. I must draw near to the humility housed in that manger and wrapped in swaddling clothes.

He had come to a world that would not recognize Him for who He was. Oh the beauty and majesty and love of our God! He is unlike any other!

O come, let us adore Him – Christ the Lord!

Merry Christmas!

– Alex ♥

the meekness found in Christmas

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