baby’s first month – the essentials

Today little man turns one month old!

Is it your experience that time passes even faster with the second child than the first? I can’t believe that my little newborn is not so little and not so much of a newborn anymore!

As we journey through these next 11 months, I want to begin a series on this blog about our favorite baby gear and accessories. I will contribute to this series monthly so that these baby essentials will be broken down by my baby’s age and usefulness. As always, I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below!

If you are catching up on these monthly essential posts, be sure to check out the other months too!

baby's first month - the essentials

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  • Rock ‘N Play – I used our Fisher Price Rock ‘N Play for both kids when they slept next to me in our room. It is lightweight, easy to store, and small. The cover is easily removable for washing. We have even taken it on a road trip in place of a portable crib. I highly recommend this piece of equipment and use it in place of a traditional cradle or bassinet.
  • SwaddleMe – Quite honestly, I am terrible at swaddling children. They are always able to wiggle free! This product uses velcro to keep the swaddle tight and snug – exactly how little man likes it. Just a heads up though… be sure to check out the sizing of the blankets. We have already graduated to the second size!
  • Muslin blankets – If you do choose to go with a traditional swaddle (using a blanket,) these are wonderful! They are large, breathable, and come in many colors and styles. I always use one to tuck around my little guy in his car seat. I also often use it as a nursing cover and/or burp cloth. All in all, they are very versatile blankets!
  • WubanubbThese pacifiers (or binkies) are an absolute favorite in our house! The stuffed animal on the end makes finding the binkie much easier (whether I’m fishing for it in the backseat of the car, in my diaper bag, or in the dark.) Also, as kids grow older, they are less likely to lose their pacifier in the crib at night because it is so much easier for them to find on their own. I like to have one for the house (naps and bedtime) and one that I keep in the diaper bag for when we are on the go.)
baby's first month - the essentials
Little B with her Wubbanub binkie in the Rock ‘N Play and in a SwaddleMe swaddle at 2 months old!
baby's first month - the essentials
One of our favorite muslin blankets!
baby's first month - the essentials
Little man in the SwaddleMe swaddle!


  • Infant bath seat – I am so happy with this product from Summer. It is easy to store (much more so than a large, bulky infant tub!) I have even put it on the floor of the shower when I didn’t want to fill the entire tup with water. It is easy to travel with and great for everyday use too.
  • Lavender wash – Right now I am using Aveeno’s lavender and vanilla baby wash. I tend to prefer lavender scented washes and am happy with Aveeno’s product for sensitive baby skin.
  • Pampers Swaddlers – I have tried many off-brand diapers to no avail; therefore these have become my favorite brand. I found that by having Amazon Prime and signing up for their diaper subscription service, I can save much more money than by buying them full-price at the stores.
  • Pampers Sensitive wipes – Due to my kiddos’ sensitive skin, these are our favorite wipes. They are much softer than the other brands that I have tried.
  • A & D Ointment – My pediatrician recommends this ointment over all of the others due to the healing ingredients in it. It has been immensely helpful for preventing and treating diaper rashes for us!
baby's first month - the essentials
We like Summer’s infant bath seat and Aveeno’s baby wash!
baby's first month - the essentials
I like to keep all of my diaper changing necessities in this portable bin for easy access!


  • Nursing pillow – A dear friend of mine gave me a Blessed Nest nursing pillow when I was pregnant with Little B. It has truly been a game-changer! I love how I can mold the pillow to my liking due to its unique filling. It is also entirely organic which makes it safe for babies to lie on it. Not only do I use this pillow for nursing, but I also use it to help position my babies. I highly recommend this pillow as a worthy investment!
  • Nursing cover – I love nursing covers that come with a strap to go around my neck. Also, the larger the cover, the better! Although at times I default to using a muslin blanket as a cover, these covers make nursing in public so much simpler.
  • Hand pump – In the first month of my babies’ lives, I try very hard to not use an electric pump. It takes time for my milk to stabilize at appropriate levels and using an electric pump could potentially lead to over-production (and clogged ducts and mastitis) due to the excess stimulation (essentially, my body will think I have twins – the baby and the pump.) For this reason, if I am too “full” I will use my Medela Harmony Hand Pump to relieve some of the discomfort (perhaps an ounce or two per side…) until baby is ready to nurse again.
  • Breast pads – I have no brand preference – just so long as I don’t leak milk through my shirt!
  • Nursing bra – Finding a good bra is challenging. I would highly recommend getting measured by a professional (after your milk comes in) and going to a maternity/nursing-friendly store.
  • Cloth diaper insertsThese can be used as  great (and inexpensive) burp clothes. I try to keep one on hand at all times for the unexpected!
baby's first month - the essentials
Little man with the Blessed Nest nursing pillow!
baby's first month - the essentials
These are the cloth diaper inserts that I use for burp clothes!


  • Swing – My babies all liked to swing. I have a Graco swing that I keep it in the main room of my house, and I set little man in it often. I like it because it is a safe place to put him down and one that he seems to enjoy too.
  • Rocking chair – I have a cozy glider from Babies “R” Us that I love to rock both of my children in. It was given to me by my parents, and I am so thankful to have it. Initially I did not plan on upgrading past a standard rocking chair, but this glider has been worth its weight in gold!
  • Carseat with base – I have been very happy with the Graco carseat and base that I own. For infants, I prefer carseats that can be removed from the car and carried. I find it easier to strap the little ones into their seat in the comfort of the house and then carry them out. Once they are older, I prefer convertible carseats.


  • Baby K’Tan – I have found that wearing my children makes life – especially errands – so much easier! This is very true now that I have two littles! At this stage, I put little B into the cart and wear little man when in stores. The Baby K’Tan is my favorite carrier when the kids are little and have limited head control. It involves no wrapping; so it is simple and safe to use. If you are interested in one, try to find a store that will let you try them on so that you know you are purchasing the correct size for you and your baby.
  • Activity gymThese play mats are wonderful for entertaining young infants and they also provide a great place for tummy-time.
  • Back seat mirror – I am so thankful for back seat mirrors that let me keep an eye on my littles while driving. For me, they are a must-have accessory!
baby's first month - the essentials
The kids playing on their activity gym!
baby's first month - the essentials
The Baby K’tan wrap is the best for young infants!

What sorts of items would you add or change from my list? Everyone has unique tastes and preferences – no size fits all! These are the products that we have used the most during our little guy’s first month; stay tuned for the rest of this monthly series as this little man continues to grow!

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Pampers Swaddlers Diapers

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A & D Diaper Rash Ointment

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Breast Feeding Nursing Cover

Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump

Gerber Birdseye 3-Ply Prefold Cloth Diapers

Graco Glider Lite LX Gliding Swing

Baby K’tan Baby Carrier

Fisher-Price Music and Lights Deluxe Gym

BRICA Baby In-Sight Magical Firefly Auto Mirror

baby's first month - the essentials


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