when you’re not enough

Sometimes motherhood is hard. Would you agree?

And in those seasons, it’s so easy for me to blockade myself and the kids in the house and try to put out the fires and fix the issues myself. But it’s a lonely fight. And I’m ill-equip for the job on my own.

Over time, I’ve learned that there are other options. Isn’t it a better choice to forget my excuses for staying alone at home and invite a dear friend into my life, yes, even into my toddler’s shenanigans? Can I ask for help when the to-do list is far too long? Can I laugh a little more at myself? See the flowers around me? Play with my baby in the water without trying to stay dry? Or buy a good coffee and sit in the sun to drink it? Can I just be ME to the world?

I’m so thankful for people who love me just for who I am.

Because when the walls come down, and I truly relax, then I can be a good mother to my littles and I can glorify the Lord through motherhood.

To you dear mothers who feel like who you are – the woman God created – just isn’t cut out for the job, this letter is for you…

when you're not enough

Hey mama,

It’s tough sometimes.
I know.
It’s hard to see clearly, let alone think rationally.
Lack of sleep plus caffeine’s buzz don’t exactly make an awesome pair, you know?
But you are doing an amazing job – an invaluable job, actually.
You are training and shaping the next generation, the future. You are depositing into an eternal investment worth more than any 401K.
You put your heart and soul into your children. And the Father watches your maternal heart beat and bleed over these young ones.
He sees, He knows, and He loves that heart of yours.
Be you for your kids. You’re the exact mother God handpicked for them. And you’re what they need.
Maybe things aren’t clear now…but one day you will see the perfect plan the Father has – and you will agree that it was good.
On those tough days, He is the one still on your side, strengthening and encouraging you onward. Seek Him and His strength and keep pressing on. You’ve got this (because of Him)!


– me ♥

when you're not enough

When the hard days come, He is our answer…

Grace and peace!
⁃ Alex ✌️

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when you're not enough



16 thoughts on “when you’re not enough

  1. I am enjoying your blog so much. Every mom has moments of feeling inadequate, and it’s such a struggle. I am trying really hard not to criticize myself out loud because I don’t want my daughter to learn that. Words are so powerful, and children absorb them more than we know. Thanks for this post!

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