baby’s second month – the essentials

Oh dear! I am already a week late in posting month 2’s essentials! Yikes how time flies! (Although to be honest, this post is late because I comletely forgot about it, not because I didn’t have the time to write it…)

As my family and I (and you!) journey through these next 10 months, I will be contributing to this series about our favorite baby gear and accessories. I will add to this series monthly so that these baby essentials can be broken down by my baby’s age and usefulness. As always, I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below!

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baby’s second month – the essentials

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  • Cradle – Oh how quickly these children change their minds! During this last month, we moved him from the Rock ‘n Play (which I still use for other purposes) into a cradle in our room. It seems that he sleeps better on this flat surface than in the more “confined” and elevated Rock ‘n Play.
  • Sheet Protector – This little man has become the king of spit-up! Yuck. To save the sheets, I found this great sheet protector that ties to the sides of the cradle or crib. It has been a life saver! (Here’s a similar one!)
  • Fleece Sleeper – Since this dude is no longer swaddled tightly in the cradle, we have resorted to cozy fleece sleepers to keep him warm.
  • Dohm – This white noise maker is AMAZING! I use one in my daughter’s room and a second one for the new guy too. (Honestly, I want to purchase one for our room!) It does a terrific job of blocking out noises and is so soothing. This is essential now that I have two littles who each seem to be on a mission to wake up the other one during nap time…
baby’s second month – the essentials
This cradle has been passed down in my family from previous generations.
baby’s second month – the essentials
The sheet protector in this photo has kept me from having to regularly wash the sheets from spit-up or leaky diapers.
baby’s second month – the essentials
Fleece sleepers – like this one – are great for little ones who don’t have blankets in their cribs.
baby’s second month – the essentials
The white device in this photo is a Dohm white noise maker. We love it!


  • Wellements Gripe Water – Sometimes little man has a tough time with gas. I dunno if this stuff really works or if it just makes me feel better, but I like this brand of gripe water. He also doesn’t seem to mind the flavor.
  • Bibs – Aren’t these bibs the cutest! I love the bandana style because it feels like an accessory more than a necessity. This guy spits up so much that bibs are starting to become a daily addition to his outfits. (Check out Etsy for some cute designs that support small businesses!)
baby’s second month – the essentials
We use this gripe water if it seems that little man is struggling with tummy pain.
baby’s second month – the essentials
These bandana-style bibs are absolutely adorable!

For Mommy

  • Treasuring Christ When Your Hands are Full – I started to read this book with a few other ladies and have been incredibly blessed by it! It really puts motherhood (and its struggles) into a healthy perspective. I highly recommend reading this book!
  • Coffee – Need I say more? I feel like this need only increases! The first month of a newborn, I’m ready for the multiple mid-night feedings, but towards the second month and beyond, my babies start to tempt me with longer stretches of sleep. Unfortunately, it’s always a gamble of what kind of a night it will be! Somehow this exhausts me even more… Any one else?
baby’s second month – the essentials
This book has encouraged me so much about motherhood in this past month.
Coffee will forever be my favorite treat!

Well, that’s about it for this month! Many items from last month are still in frequent circulation for us! What sorts of items would you add or change from my list? Everyone has unique tastes and preferences – no size fits all! These are the products that we have used the most during our little guy’s second month; stay tuned for the rest of this monthly series as this little man continues to grow!

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  1. I love, love, love white noise machines for babies. I agree they are a total necessity. And the bandana style bins are great. I love how the cover so high on baby’s chest too.

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