10 ways I’m rocking motherhood

Hi all!

It’s been awhile… I know! I’ve been very busy lately and also very uninspired. So rather than writing mediocre content, I decided to play more with my kids. ♥

But… I’m back!

Now if you read other mommy blogs, I’m sure you’ve seen the #rockingmotherhood challenge circulating. I genuinely love the concept because I think that all of us mamas can be too hard on ourselves at times, and it seems to me that an occasional evaluation of what we are doing RIGHT is healthy!

10 ways I'm rocking motherhood

I was initially tagged in this challenge by Luz at Adventures with Nico, and I was so excited to participate. However, once I accepted, I could not actually think of 10 ways that I was rocking motherhood! (I couldn’t even think of 1, besides the fact that these two baby humans are still alive and seem to be turning out alright…)

Since I was stumped, I thought I’d turn to my cheerleader-for-life (hubby) for some inspiration:

“Sweetie, you’re the best mom. You’re awesome at everything!”

Oh yes, swoon-worthy to be sure, but not very practical or helpful for this post…

So a few weeks went by with very few inspirational thoughts (I feel like I’m an expert at treading water as a mom – does that count as “rocking motherhood”?) And then I was tagged a second time by Elizabeth at Betty’s Battleground.

Now if these two super-moms BOTH tagged me in this challenge, I must have SOMETHING to say on the subject. So without further ado…

1. I teach AND LIVE the gospel in my daily life for my kids to observe.

“Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.” (Prov. 22:6) I am who I am because of my faith in Jesus Christ. I want my children to experience the mercy, grace, and forgiveness that I have found in Him. In my life, there is no more room for shame and fear when I am trusting Him. He is a good Father and I cannot possibly succeed in raising these young ones without His wisdom and grace. I want them to hear me speak of these truths, but I want them to see me walk it out each and every day too. I want to be authentic in my words and deeds by speaking and living the truth in love.

2. I discipline my kids when necessary.

The “how-to” of discipline is hotly contested by parents, but I do my best with what I know and ask the Lord for wisdom when I don’t know. I am thankful for the discipline of my parents when I was growing up because it helped to guide and steer me towards making good decisions in the future. I certainly don’t enjoy disciplining my children, but I do it because I love them and want them to grow into responsible adults who understand consequences and accept responsibility for their actions.

3. I expect my kids to demonstrate good manners.

Manners are important in life but don’t come naturally to any of us. It seems that they are only obtained through careful training and practice. I want manners to be second nature to my children in a world that often forgets to be kind and considerate. Therefore, I try to gently remind them in appropriate circumstances of how they can practice this skill.

4. I aim to live my life as an example for my kids.

Honestly, this is an overarching theme. I believe that the best way that I can “rock motherhood” is to be a good example to my children. As the old saying goes: actions speak louder than words. Am I always a good example? Goodness, no! But when I fail, I can take the opportunity to be an example of humility towards them and ask for forgiveness.

5. I love my kids LIKE CRAZY.

Love covers so much. It serves, forgives, sacrifices, shows patience, demonstrates humility, etc. One of the most important things that I can offer my children is my love, and I love them so much that it hurts! I may hide my chocolate stash away from their little eyes, but I would give my right arm for them, if need be. Everything I do (or don’t do) for them is because I love them and want the best for them.

6. I love and show my husband respect.

I believe that much stability comes from parents who are committed to love one another, no matter what happens in life. I also believe that love is a choice and not a feeling. Our marriage is far from perfect, but we are both determined to choose love and forgiveness. By loving my husband and showing him the respect that he deserves, my children can learn how to honor others ahead of themselves. They see that love is a choice, and they also see the beauty of making that choice day in and day out.

7. I get on the floor and play with my kids.

This is one of the reasons I haven’t been blogging as often! When I put down my phone and observe my children, I realize how often they look to see if I am paying attention to them. Even my two month old can tell when I am focused on him, versus distracted by something else. I need to be better at this, but I am aware of it and working on it!

8. I make sacrifices often for my kids.

I sacrifice sleep, personal space, food, freedom, downtime, watching PG-13 movies, (a bit of) sanity, certain types of vacations, and the list goes on… for my children. But every sacrifice is worth it for the amazing blessing of being their mama.

9. I invest in relationships for me.

Of course I sacrifice for my children, but I also have to take care of my own needs. I make it a priority to invest in friends that lift me up, support me, encourage me, pray for me, and hold me accountable. These people are worth their weight in gold, and I truly couldn’t do life without them. They help to keep me grounded, which in turn, makes me a better mom.

10. I ask others for help.

I’m not great about this, but thankfully I have many people around me who constantly offer their help (my mom and mother-in-law are the true rockstars here!) However, I am learning to recognize my limits and reach out for assistance. I believe it is beneficial for my children to learn that needing help is okay and courageous. I also want to be that source of help to others when I can!

Look at that! I came up with 10 reasons!

But, I don’t think I need to convince these littles that I’m awesome. For some reason they think I’m the best thing since sliced bread – and that’s all that matters to me! ♥

Goodness, I love them so much!

Many thanks to Luz and Elizabeth for your votes of confidence and kindness to tag me in this challenge! And to continue this theme of awesomeness, I want to nominate two other AMAZING mothers in the #rockingmotherhood challenge:

Ana from The Blushing Mama

Chelsea from And Then Life

I can’t wait to see what you ladies come up with!


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22 thoughts on “10 ways I’m rocking motherhood

  1. You did it! I know, it’s so hard, but these are good and real reasons that you can now hold in your heart and remind yourself of when you’re feeling down. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You’re my kind of mom friend, lady!! I found myself shaking my head in agreement to all of this. I had to take a break from blogging for the same reasons, I was feeling crazy conviction — it’s so hard to build a dream virtually and be present with real life in front of you, I’ve been horrible at finding the balance. But everything else you mentioned takes a higher priority for me right now because like you said, they are watching and learning by our example. This time is so precious and they deserve our time and presence. So I squeeze the blogging in, more as self-care for my sanity and an aspect of social life to connect with other mamas in the same season, whenever I can 🙂 but I wonder if I’ll ever consider myself a real blogger lol You’re doing an amazing job, love!! I truly enjoyed this. 💛

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I need to work on asking for help more! I’m very Type A, so I prefer to have myself or my husband do all of the caretaking for our son. I’m sure a night out would do us some good, though! Thanks for sharing your list 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I totally hear you on the discipline thing! I am so grateful for my parents disciplining me as a kid, and it is no fun having to discipline. I’ve been talking to my daughter (20 months) about it lately, reminding her that Mommy has to discipline her because it’s my job to keep her safe and I don’t want her to get hurt.

    Liked by 1 person

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