The Tale Of Two Pregnancies – Guest Post

I have had such a busy couple of weeks! We are moving (within our town) to a home better suited for our needs; so life has been crazy. I’ve also been spending more intentional time with my littles and all of this has decreased my focus on the blog…

But today I am excited to share a guest post I wrote for  Leigh – an American mama who lives with her family in England. (I love how blogging has connected me with an amazing community of ladies from around the world!) She has a wonderful blog about motherhood and I was so excited to contribute a little bit of content! (

“The Tale of Two Pregnancies” is an updated version of a post I wrote in August that compared and contrasted my two pregnancies. It is fascinating to me how a woman can experience so many differences between pregnancies! Now that both of my babies are earth-side, this post deserved an update…

Be sure to hop over to her blog to check it out! ♥

This guest post for Leigh on is all about the similarities and differences between my two pregnancies.

This blog is dedicated to things I love, motherhood and family life, and Jesus. Welcome to Heart, Home and Hope!


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