baby’s fourth month – the essentials

Can another month have already passed? I can’t believe this little munchkin is 4 months already!? Be still my heart… He is my little love. My cuddle bug. My biggest fan. I love him so much.

As my family and I (and you!) journey through these next 8 months, I will be contributing to this series about our favorite baby gear and accessories. I will add to this series monthly so that these baby essentials can be broken down by my baby’s age and usefulness. As always, I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below!

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baby’s fourth month – the essentials


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  • Bumbo Seat – I’ve heard that these seats are not ideal for young children until they are able to sit independently; however, this kiddo LOVES to see what’s going on and this seat allowed him to watch all of the daily happenings. It also allowed my arms a bit of a break. Of course, we only put him in it for short periods of time during which he was completely supervised. I can’t tell you how nice it was to eat dinner with both of my hands! Ha!
  • Booster SeatThis is our newest favorite seat for little man. He is content to sit in the booster while I work in the kitchen and/or during meals. The tray allows him to play with a few toys too. I can’t recommend it enough!
baby’s fourth month – the essentials
This little guy loves his booster seat!


  • StrollerThis single stroller is a Graco Click Connect that we received before little B was born. It has continued to serve us well while the little guy was… well, little. (I am planning on pulling out our new double stroller this week!) Depending on the day, sometimes I wear him and let B sit in the stroller, and other times, he sits in the stroller while she walks. We love this stroller because it’s light and compact but a bit more sturdy than an umbrella stroller.
  • Ergo Carrier – When the little man grew too big for my Baby K’tan carrier, I graduated him into our Ergo Carrier. I love this carrier so much! It provides excellent back support and is comfortable for mom and baby. I even wore my 20 month old daughter on my back to the zoo recently!
  • Electric Pump – This past month, hubby and I were finally able to sneak away for a little date! I have the best parents and in-laws that are always happy to watch the kids for us – I am so thankful. Prior to leaving, I used my electric Medela Pump to store milk for this little dude. He’s not a huge fan of bottles, but I feel better having that back-up supply, just in case. As soon as my milk has regulated within the first month or so, I prefer to use my electric pump (rather than my hand pump) for efficiency’s sake.
baby’s fourth month – the essentials
Exploring the aquarium with my crew!


  • Dangle Toys – This dude is starting to find some hand-eye coordination and dangle toys are perfect for honing this skill. I am amazed at how (seemingly overnight) he is able to grab things that are offered to him. He would love this set!
  • BallThis ball is another great toy that he loves. It has so many holes in it that make grabbing it easy (and losing it harder!) That means less toy-fetching for mom.
baby’s fourth month – the essentials
These are a few of his favorite toys.

For Mommy

  • Pretty Flowers – This month I hosted a party to celebrate my mom’s birthday! It was a blast. In preparation for it, I bought several gorgeous flowers to make arrangements for my house. In the days since, I have so appreciated having pretty florals around the house. I think it is good for a mama’s soul to bring a bit of nature into the home.
baby’s fourth month – the essentials
Apparently I can arrange flowers!

Well, that’s about it for this month! Many items from the previous months are still in frequent circulation for us! What sorts of items would you add or change from my list? Everyone has unique tastes and preferences – no size fits all! These are the products that we have used the most during our little guy’s third month; stay tuned for the rest of this monthly series as this little man continues to grow!

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Bumbo Floor Seat
Summer Infant Deluxe Comfort Folding Booster Seat
Graco Breaze, Click Connect
Ergobaby 360 All Carry Positions

Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump

Infantino Tag Along Travel Pals

Oball Toy Ball


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