76th And Newbury – A Custom Art Review

Ever since perhaps October, it seems that there is a holiday to decorate for…

Then, when you think it’s all over, next up is Valentine’s Day and after that, Easter!

But truly… at least for us, the home decor has returned to normal – until summer at least. By then I’ll be ready to celebrate the 4th of July and Little B’s 2nd birthday! *Cue all the tears*

decorative letter K and flowersIn the midst of the above-mentioned craziness, we also moved. I have unpacked almost everything except for my pictures and wall decorations. Each of these pieces is unique to my family for many different reasons. Several were painted by me; several more were given to us by dear friends and/or family; and a few of them were customized specifically for my family. I love the personalized touches they bring!

Because of my love for the unique, I was very intrigued by an offer I received from 76th & Newbury. In exchange for an honest (and truly unbiased) review of their product, I was able to select and customize one of their canvas prints.

76th And Newbury - A Custom Art Review

This post is my first sponsored post. I hope you can believe me when I say that I will only ever suggest products or companies that I believe in 100%! In fact, in order to stay as authentic as possible, I have (and will continue) to filter offers based off of their relevance to me (AND you!) Occasionally, I may receive a free item in exchange for a honest review. Every option is mine and is not influenced by the company or free product. (Read more here.)

Having said that, let’s talk about this product and its amazing company!

I love travel, antiques, and history; so, when 76th & Newbury asked me to select an item from their diverse selection of prints, I couldn’t help but fall in love with their antique world map! Of course, there were several other products that I also really liked – namely a few amazing family trees that I plan on ordering for future gifts! (Shhhh!)

Custom canvas world map

The neat thing about ordering wall decor from 76th & Newbury is that no two prints are ever the same. Once I selected the print, size, color scheme, and decided on a canvas or paper medium, I was matched with a design specialist to assist with customization. To be honest, I assumed I’d be working with an uninterested employee – wow, was I wrong!

My Design Guru, as she is called, was extremely helpful, had an eye for detail, and truly cared about the product that we were co-designing. She was extremely prompt (she had to wait for my responses far longer than I had to wait for hers! #momproblems) and she had so much vision for the final product. I was highly impressed by the personalized services offered during this step of the ordering process!

I chose to add just a few customized touches to my map: our family name, marriage date, and a favorite Bible verse at the bottom of the canvas. I could have also added any favorite cities and/or included a color specific key to identify those places. Another neat feature of 76th & Newbury’s canvas prints is that push pins can be used to identify locations on their maps. In a less busy season of life, I would like to map out all of my favorite spots!

After reviewing a final PDF version of my product, my Design Guru submitted the blueprint to the printing queue. Shortly afterwards, I received an email containing the shipping information. I couldn’t wait to see it in person!

When I received my product, I was thrilled! What a gorgeous, unique piece to add to my new living room walls! The colors are beautiful and the canvas is a wonderful quality. Not only is it a lovely statement piece for any room, but it will also be a great tool for my children as they begin to learn geography in future years. I can honestly say that 76th & Newbury has gone above and beyond my expectations in the creation of this piece. The personalized process and final product were absolutely wonderful!

child with world map

Guys, I’m so serious – head over to their site and see the amazing variety of customizable pieces that they are offering. You will be equally impressed, I’m sure! If you would like to go ahead and order a product, 76th and Newbury was kind enough to give me this 10% off coupon code for my readers! → NewFan2017

Many thanks to 76th & Newbury for such a lovely product and customer experience!

I also would like to thank Elizabeth Brico from Betty’s Battleground for kindly editing this post for me. Check out her contact page for information about proofreading services!

* Please note that I have edited our family name out of the photos for privacy reasons. ♥


custom canvas world map


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9 thoughts on “76th And Newbury – A Custom Art Review

  1. That is very pretty! I love the color and it looks great styled as you have it! We will be moving soon too. We’re working on our new home from top to bottom for a few weeks and then will be moving in. Crazy time!

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  2. It’s beautiful! I didn’t get to see it when I was helping edit the post because there were not photos yet. You (and your Design Guru) did a wonderful job! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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