baby’s fifth month – the essentials

In another month, this munchkin of mine will be halfway through his first year! Unbelievable! He is sitting, scooting, pushing up to a crawling position, and just started to babble. Oh how I love him!

As my family and I (and you!) journey through these next 7 months, I will be contributing to this series about our favorite baby gear and accessories. I will add to this series monthly so that these baby essentials can be broken down by my baby’s age and usefulness. As always, I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below!

If you missed these posts, here are our favorite things for month 1month 2month 3month 4, month 6month 7month 8, and month 9!

baby’s fifth month – the essentials

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  • Breathable Bumper – I know that traditionally bumpers have been no-nos for cribs. However, it’s hard to see your baby getting their adorably chunky arms and legs stuck between the crib slats or their sweet head pressed against the hard wood. This bumper has been amazing for keeping my baby injury free while still allowing the air to circulate. Every parent must choose what they are most comfortable with, but this product has been great for my family!
baby’s fifth month – the essentials
We love our breathable bumper!


  • Double Stroller – I have to give an amazing shoutout to my dear friend who gifted us this double stroller. It is an amazing piece of equipment – especially since my baby is huge (20 pounds already!) I take my kiddos walking downtown often and this stroller makes it so simple. I can even fit it into my Honda Civic’s trunk! The seat positions are versatile and easy to change. It also has a large storage basket below. I would certainly recommend this stroller to anyone looking for a double stroller!
  • Life Vest – We live in Florida and like to take our kiddos out on the water when we can. Life Vests are an absolute must. Be sure to check out the official requirements and suggestions for safe use. The US Coast Guard is a good place to start! I prefer life vests with zippers for small infant/children (as opposed to just buckles.) Check the vest itself for weight and age requirements. Infant vests are designed differently than children’s vests or adult vests and should be chosen accordingly.
baby’s fifth month – the essentials
We love this double stroller and all the adventures we can have because of it!
baby’s fifth month – the essentials
She helps by carry his life vest for him. ♥


  • Activity Jumper – My little man can’t seem to get enough of his jumper! We have an older Baby Einstein model, but their new versions seem equally as fun! While he’s happy bouncing along, I’m able to vacuum, make dinner, clean bathrooms, or *gasp* sit down and do something for ME. I can’t guarantee how much “me” time you’ll get from this product, but it’s worth its weight in gold to us!
  • Rubber Teether – Our little guy is teething up a storm and he loves his Infantino monkey. It’s rubbery and squeaky – just what every little person likes.
baby’s fifth month – the essentials
Our little guy loves his activity jumper!
baby’s fifth month – the essentials
This teething monkey is a favorite toy in our house!

For Mommy

  • Photographs – Okay mama, I’m telling myself as much as I’m telling you: go print and frame your favorite pictures of your kids! In this digital age we take 1000s of photos but when was the last time we printed any? For Mother’s Day, I was given a framed photo of my kids and I am so thankful that my mom took the time do that for me! If you don’t want to go to the drug store, check out the many photo printing services out there – Amazon even has one! Or if you just want to be able to print mini photos at your home, you could also check out this portable printer. I have one and it makes amazing mini prints! (Update: the app currently has a bug that prevents me from using this printer. Hopefully it will be resolved quickly! I love being able to print these tiny photos!) ♥
baby’s fifth month – the essentials
I love this fun photo printer and the mini prints it creates!

Well, that’s about it for this month! Many items from the previous months are still in frequent circulation for us! What sorts of items would you add or change from my list? Everyone has unique tastes and preferences – no size fits all! These are the products that we have used the most during our little guy’s third month; stay tuned for the rest of this monthly series as this little man continues to grow!

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Contours Options Elite Tandem Double Stroller

Baby Einstein Activity Jumper

Infantino Go GaGa Squeeze and Teethe Toy

Portable Instant Mobile Photo Printer


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