baby’s seventh month – the essentials

This little man amazes me with his determination! At the age of 6 months, he decided that crawling and pulling up on furniture should be normal activities (mind you, my daughter didn’t crawl until she was 9 months old!) So this month’s essentials are all about baby-proofing! Ha!

As my family and I (and you!) journey through these next 5 months, I will be contributing to this series about our favorite baby gear and accessories. I will add to this series monthly so that these baby essentials can be broken down by my baby’s age and usefulness. As always, I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below!

If you missed these posts, here are our favorite things for month 1month 2month 3month 4month 5, month 6month 8, and month 9!

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  • Outlet Covers – It doesn’t really matter what kind you use, but be sure to cover all exposed outlets or your little crawler will find a way to stick his/her fingers in the outlet holes. (It’s also a good idea to keep a few extras on hand or even in your diaper bag.) The ones I use are similar to these.
  • Locks – In our current home, I don’t use any baby-proof locks (I have enough storage to keep anything dangerous out of reach); however in our old house, I used locks like these on our bi-fold closet doors to keep my little explorers away.
Any sort of outlet cover will work!


  • Sippy Cup – Now that little man is eating, I am also trying to expose him to the sippy cup. I tried many different “fancy” styles with my daughter, but we keep on reverting back to these basic cups. They are inexpensive, each pack comes with several cups, and the kids like them. (They leak a tiny bit, but I’ve yet to find a sippy cup that doesn’t leak at all!)
  • Puffs – My pediatrician explained to me that giving children small foods (such as puffs or cereal O’s) helps to develop their pincer grasp (picking up items with the thumb and forefinger.) Giving my daughter these sorts of foods helped her to learn this skill.
After testing many other styles, this is our go-to sippy cup!


  • Board Books: I’m not very good at remembering to read to my infant, but he does enjoy looking at board books with me. (Who am I kidding? He really just wants to chew on them! Ha!) Reading is so good for him though!
These are our favorite baby gear and accessories for the first year broken down by baby's age.
We love Sandra Boynton’s board books!

For Mommy

  • Learn To Say Yes – Mama, when someone offers to babysit, say yes. When your toddler wants to watch a movie and you are exhausted, say yes. When your husband offers to order a pizza for dinner, say yes. When you see a coupon for a pedicure, say yes. Anyone can take care of tasks, but no one but you can be the best mom to your kids. Take care of you (and let others help too!) You don’t have to do it all on your own. Raising a kiddo takes a village – let your village help you! (And if you don’t have a village, message me, let’s chat about that!)
  • Diaper Size Chart – Has anyone gotten stuck before not knowing what size diapers you need for your kiddo’s weight? I know it’s printed on the boxes, but most of the time, I throw out the boxes and then I have nothing to reference. To help myself (and you!) I made a diaper size chart that is categorized by weight and brand. Now I don’t have to guess about diaper sizes anymore. This link will let you download your own copy!


Well, that’s about it for this month! Many items from the previous months are still in frequent circulation for us! What sorts of items would you add or change from my list? Everyone has unique tastes and preferences – no size fits all! These are the products that we have used the most during this month; stay tuned for the rest of this monthly series as our little man continues to grow!

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Outlet Plugs – 36 Count

Bi-Fold Cabinet Door Lock

Take & Toss Spill-Proof Sippy Cups

Plum Organics Super Puffs



21 thoughts on “baby’s seventh month – the essentials

  1. Baby proofing is so important… our house is covered from top to bottom in plug covers, cabinet latches, furniture that’s been strapped down etc. it gives me such peace of mind (I also run a home daycare, so it gives parents peace of mind too).

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