20 Resources That Have Helped Me To Grow As A Woman Of God

As I was wondering what to write here this week, I felt stuck. Writing is one of those things that either flows… or it doesn’t. Unfortunately, sometimes my schedule is not conducive to whether or not my “creative juices” are flowing. Often times, I am the most creatively inspired while I am brushing my teeth, preventing my newly-crawling-baby from eating toilet paper, and dodging my toddler’s sticky peanut butter spoon as she waves it in the air. Ha! Such is life!

I really wanted to write a post this week that would encourage you (and me!) in our Christian walk. I absolutely believe in the idea of fellow sisters holding one another up in faith, but in order to be fully honest with you, I must admit that I haven’t been able to block out much time with the Lord lately. If I am not receiving from Him, I cannot pour out here on this blog.

However, I also realized that I am not the only mom with a busy schedule who runs out of hours in my days and days in my weeks! I am not the only one who struggles to find time to sit at Jesus’ feet and learn from Him! Girlfriend, can you relate? I’m not the only one, right?!

Because it’s a mutual struggle, I wanted to share a few VERY useful resources and practical ideas that have helped me in my walk with the Lord – whether I’m in a busy or a slow season of life. I hope that these ideas will help you and I prioritize Him first in our lives – even if that doesn’t always “look” the way we plan! So read on, and then comment below with any resources or tricks you have found to help you continue to grow as a Christian woman!


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Bible Reading

Every day, my goal is to spend some amount of time in the Word of God. These are a few resources that help me with that goal – although all you need to practice this habit is a Bible or a Bible app! 

1) NKJV Bible – Right now, I am reading the New King James Version, and I like it a lot. I may try the ESV journaling Bible once I finish reading through this version.

2) Bible Gateway App – I appreciate having this app for busy days or when I am out and about. I enjoy reading and meditating on the verse of the day when I am unlikely to have  a large chunk of time for reading Scripture.

3) Bible Hub Site – When I have time to do a longer, deeper study of the Word of God, I use this site. It is not extremely user-friendly, but it is a rich resource if you learn how to use it. It contains many free commentaries, and it also breaks down each verse, word-by-word from their original languages. (This helps me to better interpret the original meanings of some words. It is incredibly helpful for me since I know nothing about Hebrew or Greek.)

4) Risen Motherhood – I have not had the time to deeply explore all of the Risen Motherhood resources, but what I have seen – I’ve loved! I follow their social media accounts and am regularly challenged, inspired, and even convicted by the truths they share. Their inductive Bible study resources are new to me and I LOVE THEM! I strongly encourage you to give this study method a try!

5) Journal – I like to write down the things the Lord shares with me. I’m not very good at journaling, and my journal is ugly on the inside (not at all Pinterest-friendly!) Thankfully, appearances don’t count for much – it’s the content that is important!



Sometimes I find myself in a rut – struggling to buckle down and read the Bible. In these moments, my heart is often inspired and rejuvenated by many of these resources. These devotionals and books are written by authors that I believe to be men and women of great faith!

6) Come Away My Beloved – This little devotional is short and sweet, but it is rich! I like to use this when I’m not sure that I will have time for a deeper study.

7) Morning and Evening – I was given this devotional by a dear friend. I love that it has a devotion to read every morning and evening. It is the best way to open and close my days!

8) Treasuring Christ When Your Hands Are Full – I have shared about this book before, but it is truly such a blessing to my heart. This book encourages me to press into Christ amidst the busyness of this motherhood season.

9) My All for Him – This is one of the few books I will reread throughout my life. I cannot say enough about how this book challenges me! I want nothing more than to be wholehearted in my love for the Lord because of reading it!

10) The Knowledge of the Holy – This book makes my heart worship God. I am simply awestruck at His majesty – and to think that we’ve only just glimpsed how incredible God actually is!



Worship unites my heart with the Father. I like to picture the throne room in heaven when I worship – it helps me to focus on the majesty of God!

11) International House Of Prayer – IHOPKC has a 24/7 prayer/worship room in Kansas City, MO. I have visited, and it was one of the few times when I have walked into a room and tangibly felt the Presence of God. These intercessors and worship leaders are the real deal! I love that I can turn on their live stream at any time, day or night, to worship along with them. I also utilize their archive feature to listen to old prayer/worship sets. In addition, they have several albums from their annual young adult conference – OneThing.

12) Misty Edwards – Misty is a part of IHOPKC but also has also produced several independent albums. Her music has hugely impacted my walk with the Lord.

13) Jon Thurlow – Jon is probably my favorite worship leader. He also is a part of IHOPKC but has produced his own music too. He will be releasing a new album sometime soon.

14) Bethel Music – I enjoy much of Bethel’s music when I am worshiping at home.

15) My Own – Because I play guitar, it is such a blessing to worship on my own. If you are musical at all, I challenge you to try it! Even make up your own songs, and sing a new song to the Lord!

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I grow so much from listening to messages from many different teachers. To me, it is like sitting at the feet of more spiritually mature believers and gleaning truth from them.

16) Mike Bickle – Mike is the pastor over IHOPKC’s church body. He is my go-to teacher when I am not attending my own church.

17) Allen Hood – Allen is also a leader at IHOPKC. I have heard him speak at conferences and am always blessed and challenged by his words.

18) Corey Russel – Cory is another teacher at IHOPKC. I have also heard him share at several gatherings, and I love the heart and boldness he demonstrates when teaching.

19) Jim Cymbala – My husband introduced me to Jim’s messages, and I really enjoy them. He is an excellent teacher, and I believe the Lord greatly uses him in his ministry.



I am really bad at praying – but I want to be better! I am tired of telling people that I will pray for them and then not following through. I also want to have an intimate relationship with God – one of constant conversation. I believe that prayer is a huge component of this!

20) Timer – Yes, I use a timer. I know it sounds crazy, but if I pray for an undesignated time, I give up very quickly! I want to be diligent in prayer; so I will set a timer for a specific time and pray without distraction (as much as possible) during that timeframe. I’ve found that when I use a timer, I often choose to continue praying after the buzzer goes off.

Bonus 1) Risen Motherhood (again!) – One of Risen Motherhood’s free resources is a prayer chart. It helps me to map out my prayer requests for the week. I like to print it out and update it throughout the week. My goal is to leave it in an easily accessible place so that I can regularly add requests to it.

Bonus 2) International House Of Prayer (again!) – I also like to turn on the live stream at IHOPKC and pray along with them. Sometimes, when I don’t know how or what to pray, it is helpful to follow the lead of these intercessors.


My quiet time looks a little bit different every day. However, my goal is that I spend SOME amount of time with the Lord. I need it. But please know that I’m not perfect, and there are MANY days when I don’t make the time for it. Therefore, I am so thankful for mercy and grace!

I could always use new ideas for resources too! (After all, most of these resources were originally recommended to me by one individual or another!) What would you add to my lists? How do you make sure that you fit in time with the Lord? What are your struggles with this discipline? Let me know below!

Grace and peace,

– Alex ✌️

(I’ve written a few other posts about having a daily quiet time on this blog that you may find encouraging if, like me, you find this to be a challenging discipline! You can check them out here: “This One Thing,” “Refreshing and Refilling,” and “A Loyal Heart.”)

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This blog is dedicated to things I love, motherhood and family life, and Jesus. Welcome to Heart, Home and Hope!



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