20 Ways To Enjoy Fall When Living In A Place Without Any Seasons

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… I love fall time! Tomorrow is September 1st and that means we can legitimately drink pumpkin spice lattes and burn all of the autumn candles! (Full discloser: I’ve already had 2 pumpkin drinks this year… don’t judge me!)

Unfortunately, there is a very real problem to all of this seasonal flair – I live in Florida and we have NO seasons. I mean it! When others start to crank up fires and snuggle under warm blankets, I may as well throw on my swimsuit and head to the beach! (I know that sounds amazing, but when you love the changing seasons as much as I do, it’s SO hard to miss out!)

So what’s a gal to do? I’ve learned that I can one of two things: (1) complain about a lack of seasons or (2) celebrate fall regardless of the outside temperature! I’ve decided upon the second option. Read on for my fall bucket list…

How to embrace the fall and autumn season

1) Light a fall candle.

2) Bake ALL the pumpkin goodies!

3) Decorate the house with autumn flair.

Reading with coffee and a candle

4) Buy and drink those seasonal drinks (Even if you have to get them over ice!)

5) Cook with in-season produce (I like to use lots of root veggies and apples!)

6) Plan fall-themed crafts for the kids.

7) Go on a picnic.

8) Host a Autumn Equinox party to celebrate the true beginning of fall.

9) Visit a farmer’s market (Or better yet – an actual farm!)

Picnic in the grass with a baby

10) Find a pumpkin patch and/or corn maze!

11) Wear plaid (or at least fall colors) and break out your boots and fuzzy socks (Yes, in Florida we are the crazy people who wear boots in 70 degree weather…)

12) Snuggle on the couch and dive into a good book!

13) Find church-hosted Fall Festivals for the kids to attend.

14) Try to take a mini road trip to an area with “real seasons.”

15) Plan lots of family time doing everything or nothing at all.

Pumpkin patch

16) Attend or host a movie-night outside to watch a fall-themed movie with friends and family.

17) Eat lots of caramel apples and kettle corn.

18) Sit on your porch and/or patio in the evenings.

Autumn decorations

19) Make use of a fire pit and roast marshmallows (Even if it’s still too warm out!)

20) Go camping for a weekend!

Bonus) Turn down the AC and break out your cashmere sweaters!

Tell me, what should I add to my list? What do you do to celebrate the beginning of fall? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

Grace and peace!

– Alex ✌️

PS – All of these photos are of Little B last fall. I can’t believe how much she has grown! It has happened too fast!

This blog is dedicated to things I love, motherhood and family life, and Jesus. Welcome to Heart, Home and Hope!


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