Little B’s Second Birthday – An Adopt-A-Puppy Party

My daughter turned 2 in July. JULY, people! It is October, and I’m just now writing about it.


As much as I want to slow down time, I also am loving every new milestone and every new part of her personality as it shines through. She is talking so much more now and her imagination is beginning to come out too! ♥

Little B’s first birthday party was a large event with many guests. This year we kept it MUCH smaller with a few family members and one close friend. She ADORES puppies, so we chose to plan an Adopt-A-Puppy Party. She had a blast, and that’s the ultimate goal, right? Check out the photos and details below! (PS – the adorable invites, menu, and other resources I created are at the bottom of this post, and I’m even letting you download them for your own use!)

Copy of Little B's first birthfay.png

We were so happy to celebrate our sweet girl! I just so happened to find her dress at a local consignment store in her size! It has sweet puppy dogs all over it and yet still manages to look so classy! The chalkboard quote was taken from Pinterest. (Could it have been more PERFECT for this occasion?)

adopt a puppy party for a toddler with chalkboard sign

We served an early lunch to our family and friends. Everything was dog-themed! (You can see the menu at the bottom of this post!) I made little puppies out of individual applesauce cups, created peanut butter and jelly bones, and of course, served hot dogs! The dog house was made out of construction paper and a wipes box. I also created party hats that looked like little red dogs out of googly eyes, construction paper, and pipe cleaners.

For dessert, I grabbed store-bought cupcakes and decorated them with Scooby Snacks! (You can find these vintage-inspired dog plates and napkins here and here! This was the candle we used! The birthday button and noisemakers were from Target.)

Little B was so mesmerized by the chalk “paw-prints” that led us to her party! Once there, she and her cousins and friend played with her sand table and bubble maker. There was also a sprinkler for the kids to run around in! (Ultimately, the kids ended up in the pool too!)

The highlight of the day was for every child to “adopt” a puppy. I found these stuffed dogs at Target and created the certificate and “Puppy Kits” for every kiddo. (Once again, you can find a link to these resources at the end of this post!) Every goody bag contained an individual package of Scooby Snacks, a raisin box, a tennis ball, and puppy stickers.

By the end of the day, we had one VERY tired but also extremely happy little girl! We are so thankful to all of the individuals who love our Little B so well!

Do you want to host an Adopt-a-Puppy party? It was a ton of fun and I highly recommend it! These printable resources are available to you through my Free Resource Library! If you don’t have access to that page, sign up below and I’ll send you the password!

PS – If you do plan your own party, be sure to let me know how it turns out for you!

You can download these printable by signing up below or by logging into my Free Resource Library!

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I found so much inspiration on Pinterest! Check out the board I created to save ideas for this party!

Grace and peace!

– Alex ✌️

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