Hi all!

So, you might be asking, who are you?

According to social media, I’m an…

  • admirer of all the pretty things
  • wifey
  • mama to my two littles
  • lover of Jesus
  • blogger about all of the above


But let’s get more personal – my name is Alex. ♥

I’m a 24 year old wife to my amazing hubby and mama to little B and a new little man! I’m trying to learn these roles with excellence and grace. (Though truth-be-told, I seem to often lack in both!) I’ve been married for 2 years, our baby girl is 1 and a half, and our little man was just born in December (2016)!

I’m currently staying home with our kiddos, but before they were born, I worked as a registered nurse on a pediatric cancer and blood disorder unit. I adore being home with them, but a piece of my heart will always be with those brave kiddos and their families who trusted me in their most vulnerable moments.

I’ve known the Lord ever since I was a little girl, but I am constantly growing in my faith and walk with Him. The Christian walk is constant movement. I find that I am either pressing after the Lord or being drawn further away by the pull of the world. No treading water here!

My goal with this blog is to share a few of the things that matter to me – thoughts about the things I love (my Heart), notes on making a life for my family and me (my Home), and truths about the Anchor of my soul (my Hope). Prayerfully, these pages and posts will bless others.

For a while now, I’ve been wrestling with the idea of writing. Should I contribute something to this world – this day and age? Because, let’s be real…talk is cheap. Perhaps what I have to add is of minimal importance to anyone or anything? Yet I am the daughter of the King of all kings. And He uses the weakest and the unlikeliest ones to be His mouth-pieces. So perhaps He can use the things I write. Perhaps He can touch a heart. It will be worth it, even if the only outcome is that I am increasing my time in His Presence to ask for a word from Him. It will be worth it, because His words are weighty. They are the only ones that really matter.

His words penetrate. His words are able to change a heart. His words are relevant today and every day. His words never fail.

And His words are these words:




These are words worthy of being talked about and written about. So girlfriend, grab some coffee, and let’s talk and let’s write and let’s encourage one another with His words and in the spirit of His heart.

xoxo – Alex

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Just sharing on a few things I love (Heart ❤️), on making a life for my family and me (Home 🏠), and on truths about the Anchor of my soul (Hope ⚓️).